Aerodromo regiona Bahia Blanca Argentina

Dear friends, the default version of the BHB aerodrome, located 9 nm from the SAZB in Radial 290 of the SAZB VOR, does not contain the markings for runway 16/34 that are legally declared.
Attached location map. 38º40´20″ S 62º21´10″
How can it be updated?

Thank you.

The only way I know is via the World Hub Alpha, unless you want to use the MSFS SDK to create your own version of the BHB aerodrome to replace the default one (I have not done this myself. See the “Runway Objects” section in the SDK documentation if interested).

For the World Hub Alpha, you need to add the world-hub-candidate tag to your post, as per this response from @BigCow74,

Or post to this thread, as per @aurel42de

Hopefully, one of the Alpha participants will see your request & respond, but there is no guarantee that it will get included or released in a future update to the sim.

Hope this helps!

That looks like grass runways on Google Maps. MSFS has them as a dirt runways. Both runway types don’t get painted runway markings in MSFS. I’ll have a look at the field in the sim, maybe we can make the runway apron transparent if the quality of the aerial is decent. (Can’t check right now, but would love to help.)

edit: after looking at the field, I’m not sure what the problem is.

Which markings are missing?

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Same here - I checked out the airport and the only issue I can see is missing taxiway paths

Hello Aurel24d / play 4805 / SmotheryVase665, it is not about any brands since it is a grass track; The claim is that runway 16/34 is not beacons (night operations) in the MSFS2020.
In reality, they are marked by regulations and authorized by the Argentine aeronautical ENTE.
Start the simulator and go to the aerodrome called SABA Aeroclub Bahía Blanca (another mistake because SABA belongs to Juancho Urrasquin TNCM in the Caribbean).
The true designation is “BHB Aeroclub Bahia Blanca”.
You will see that there are no beacons on that track.
The photo that AUREL uploads is taken from the X Plane and is wrong because only runway 16/34 should have markers.

Thanks for that clarification!
FYI, for those of us that don’t speak or read Spanish (e.g. me), this is the translation of the webpage shown above, where it specifies that Rwy 16/34 has night lighting.
@FSA2168: What sort of lights does this runway have? - e.g. edge lights, centerline… etc. Do you know?

A bit of background on the airport from its homepage:
The Aero Club Bahía Blanca, founded on July 19, 1924, is a non-profit institution, located at Km 11.5 of National Route 35, has a vast history and more than 90 years of uninterrupted flight activity in the area.

Being one of the oldest and most important in Argentina, it promotes air activity in the area through its Flight School, from which thousands of people over the years have had the opportunity to fly and become pilots.

That’s a screenshot of the status quo in MSFS, not from XPlane.

Do you have pictures of the aerodrome by night?

This is something you can contribute to. Visit this URL:
Select “Report a bug/glitch that doesn’t prevent me from playing” and ask for the code of the airport to be changed from SABA to BHB.

This is not a quick process, and it’s basically a black box. You’ll get a reply when the request is processed, but I don’t think there’s any documentation where we can see which requests to add, remove, and rename airports, or to change airport codes ever made it into the sim. Or is there, and I’m just not aware of it?

OK send

Obviously the beacons at the headlands cannot be seen due to a problem with the quality of the photos, but they respect the international aerodrome code



@FSA2168 I sent a DM with follow-up questions.

Dear friend, following your advice, I have sent a query about this issue directly to Microsoft Support.
When I get a response I will post here.
Thanks for the moment

I submitted the following changes:

• adjusted perimeter polygon
• added edge lights to rwy 34-16
• added windsock with gravel apron
• moved parking spots and fueling to hangar area
• removed spurious vegetation, added some missing vegetation
• added painted runway markings
• added missing taxiways and taxiway lights
• added aprons under buildings
• added aprons to hide objects

Hello Aurel, perfect, thank you!
Could you tell me how to do it myself? because there will surely be renovations in the future and I wouldn’t want to continue abusing your kindness!

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First: I am happy to help, I’m sure so are many others here.

But regarding your question: Watch out for news regarding the launch of the “World Hub”. The service is currently in alpha testing, and the written documentation as well as the tutorial videos are still being worked on. Once it’s launched, every MSFS user on PC will be able to improve and update airports and submit them to Asobo for validation.

By the way, the changes to BHB have been accepted and should show up in the sim within a couple of weeks.