Aeroplane Heaven reveals Grumman F3F-2 coming for Christmas

From their Facebook post

The “Flying Barrel” comes to MSFS

We first modeled this incredible aeroplane back in 2001, for FS2002. It quickly became our number one seller and remained that way through to the last re-incarnation for P3D.

Now, we have completely re-mastered the models with new detail such as metal-“puffing”, new Wright Cyclone engine and literally hundreds of new details and inclusions. The cockpit is highly detailed and functions like the real aircraft including the complex landing gear lock system.

Included in the package is the special F3F-2-based “GULFHAWK” racer and display aircraft built for Al WIlliams and now on display in the National Air &Space Museum in America.

The F3F-2 will come with 6 authentic US Navy and Marines liveries depicting famous fighter squadrons. The F3F-2 was in front-line service right up to Pearl Harbour and continued as a trainer through the war years. Being a carrier-borne aircraft, it carries a hook for landing on carriers when they arrive in the new sim.

The package will also include a digitally -mastered WWise soundtrack for that BIG Wright Cyclone music.

Out for Christmas.


Bought at release.

I first read the title too fast and thought it was about the Gotgravel Wildcat, but this is interesting as well. Given AH’s propensity to rush releases I’ll wait for reviews though.


NICE!!! Am very interested in this indeed

Out for THIS Christmas?

everything’s coming up Milhouse!


Looks great, Wwise sound is also a good sign… it is AH though, so I will also wait to see some YT early reviews before getting it.

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I first read the title too fast and thought it was about the Gotgravel Wildcat

Still coming, but I don’t expect it will be Christmas. Possibly soon after the F3F-2’s release, hard to tell as we haven’t entered Beta yet. It will be an amazing experience to fly the F3F-2 and F4F-4 in formation. This announcement has our whole team excited to see more vintage war birds and I personally can’t wait to see them in the sky together. Congrats to Aeroplane Heaven and I can’t wait to try it out! :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to this too. Screenies looking great.

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Out for Christmas… or maybe out BEforE Christmas?

Well this fell on its face.

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having the F3F and the F4F Wildcat in the hangar is good news for Grumman fans - looking forward to the day

them boys do like to spit against the wind don’t they…?

Any news on the Wildcat?

Our team just finished releasing the Discus-2c Glider. We are now back to full effort on the Wildcat.


Released today!

What third party is this?

The wildcat?

Got Friends are working on it.