Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 550/700 for xbox

Why haven’t they released the CRJ for the Xbox yet! I also own the Mooney on pc but it doesn’t show up.

Not all addons are compatible with console.
Some will be updated, some won’t.



do anyone know if this plane will be available for Xbox?

Up, I’d like to know that too :wink:

I dont see why not, if a mid range PC can run it the series x certainly can. Fast & easy money for aerosoft too.

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere, might have been on here that it’s in testing at the moment.

Read it here near the bottom

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Do you think Aerosoft has plans to bring the CRJ to Xbox? It has been out for ( I think) a little over a year now-could we be expecting it soon? I know that a lot of Xbox users (like me :slight_smile: ) have been asking for it.

(sorry if there is already a topic about this, but I couldn’t find a discussion about this)

I believe that’s the plan. Just Flight has intentions on bringing all of their titles to Xbox.

I think the bigger question will be whether the stability of the sim on Xbox will ever reach the point where it will be able to handle complex aircraft.

I won’t be the first to gamble 80 bucks Canadian on it.

that’ll have to wait for the WASM for XBox fixes coming with SU10 if everything goes according to plan.

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I agree. Since MSFS on Xbox isn’t at its best right now I don’t even know if the game would be able to even handle the download process of a complex plane.

I’m running series S and most add-ons, multiple marketplace aircraft and no issues with it “handling” the sim. There are issues right now no doubt but they are on PC as well. I don’t think there is an issue with what the Xbox can handle. I’d suggest uninstalling the last few world updates if you are having problems, that seems to be where the issues started. I never downloaded them (other than USA) My theory is that’s why I’m not having any issues. I did have some trouble with the Kodiak CTD when it first released but that is no longer an issue.

One other factor to consider (any technical limitations about WASM aside) is that the CRJ requires simbrief for flightplans and does not (currently) work with in game world map flight planner. It also requires updates (to keep its AIRAC database current) from a Navigraph (sub). Now how do you integrate simbrief/navigraph into XBox?
You could of course just use manual input to the FMS, but how many people would be happy with that situation? Not many I suspect.

With the latest update of the CJ4 and the PMDG737 the CRJ is not that attractive anymore regardless of platform.

Unless your looking very specifically at an RJ style of jet.

Yea I am, specifically

Then the Aerosoft CRJ is probably the best RJ out there.

Your not going to get the system depth of the PMDG 737 and the default CJ4 has almost the same system depth of the CRJ.

I know but I like flying routes I have flown in real life. And where I live that is usually a hop on a CRJ to Charlotte or Atlanta, then a 737 or a320 to Baltimore (for example).

And I have the 737, so hoping to get the CRJ and an a320 avionics update