Aerosoft Australia

is anyone ever use this avionic software?
what is your opignon?


It’s P3D, not MSFS related…
(I btw, i haven’t heard that they will make it MSFS compatible)

It does work in MSFS and very well also, but Andrew has had trouble trying to get the MSFS autopliot to work using the SDK. I think it is brilliant and will be buying it as a tempo solution until my main avionics supplier pulls his finger out.

There is a demo you can try, there is nothing to lose

i was sure it can work pretty well because it is fsuipc related.
I may try the demo, good idea.

I have no opinion, just like to be clear that Aerosoft (as in has nothing to do with this company. Also not with aerosoftfootwear, lol. As far as we know the website has not been updated in the last few years. Still has 2019 as copyrights etc.

Mathijs Kok

Aerosoft Australia have been around since at least 2001, they originally made the 747 MCP hardware and EFIS…just saying