Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 1.0.4 Causes MSFS To Fail To Launch

After downloading updates for the Aerosoft CRJ and Carenado piston twins on Friday night, the sim CTD’d when I tried to fly the CRJ. After that, it would CTD during launch. After exhaustive troubleshooting, I found that if I deleted the CRJ, the sim would launch and run normally. I’ve submitted a ticket to Aerosoft, but was wondering if anyone else experienced this problem following the Aerosoft update?

All good my end. Remember if in doubt then reinstall fs2020. I do it once a month

not on launch, but the CRJ did a CTD enroute last night for the first time ever. No warning, just shutdown FS.

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I have since then sometimes a black screen, you only hear something, otherwise the screen is black.

No problems with my CRJ. Usually CTD problems are due to running out of memory so perhaps you are limited in that way.

It could also be scenery problem where something along your flight fails to load.

Have you tried this?

Aerosoft recommended those steps in its response to my ticket. Unfortunately no joy. I had been using the CRJ since it’s release without incident. My problem only arose following the release of v. 1.0.4

Thanks for the advice. I did a full uninstall/reinstall as part of my effort.

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All the best :slight_smile:

For me is exactly the same with v 1.0.5. The sim ctd whenever tries to load the crj. The only way to resume is to remove the crj folder. I’ve tried every single workaround that you can read on the forums and opened an AS ticket, but no reply so far. I even did a full reinstall of msfs (twice!), but did not solve!
v 1.0.4 is being loaded normally, don’t know yet if it works well and can complete a flight without issues.

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Exact same thing is happening to me right now.

Been close to two weeks now. No solution to the issue, except that it appears to be confined to those of us who purchased the game via Marketplace. Versions purchased through Aerosoft and other providers are not affected. Even more disturbing is that Aerosoft has closed off a forum thread on the matter, as if they don’t want to be bothered.

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Yeah this seems to be a problem with the package on Marketplace. Just today BN2 Islander was confirmed to cause issues too. One person had CTDs with the Marketplace package and when Graham from BlackBox sent him a version you buy from BlackBox it started working. So SOMETHING is screwy with some Marketplace packages, it seems.

Well, Aerosoft refuses to send their website versions to users who purchased from in game marketplace. It’s near 2 weeks now i can’t fly the plane i purchased. I think i will never buy a product from Aerosoft again.

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Refuses?! You have evidence that the company is holding back an update from the Marketplace?

Or could it be that you’re simply impatient and frustrated with the delay that Microsoft requires getting it into the marketplace? In that case, shouldn’t you direct your anger at Microsoft?

They clearly stated in the forums that they wont give marketplace users the website version. I paid for the plane i couldnt even get in to cockpit for 2 weeks. Waiting 2 weeks for the product you purchased is not fair. I have every right to be impatient and ask about the situation. Stop being a fanboy.

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Same issue here as well hysteriaZRZ, bought from market place and ctds the sim always unless I remove the CRJ. Pretty sure mdapol is an Aerosoft deputy at this point. But yes, Aerosoft is punishing those who buy their stuff from marketplace as if we arent customers. I bought from market place so I dont have to go here and there for ease of updates. Just there arrogant, unwillingness and locking of post so customers can try to get to bottom of this, leaves me to the point that Aerosoft products will never see my money again.

I do believe a small amount of patience is owed to Aerosoft. Since versions purchased from Aerosoft and other vendors appears to work correctly and we now also know that Marketplace version of the Islander is causing similar issues, at least a part of the problem is on the Asobo side.

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