Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 Can't shut engines down

I cannot seem to shut down the engines at the end of a flight.
When I click on the fuel shutoff valves, nothing happens and they return to original position.
There is an Idle/Shutoff position but I cannot move my throttle into this position.
Any advice appreciated thanks.

You might have to revert to CTRL-SHIFT-1

copied, thanks mate

Did you calibrate the throttles in the EFB?

Yes I did. Any idea how to get the throttle into the Shutoff detent?

The only way at the moment to get the engines to shut down is to pull the mixture control fully back.
CTRL-SHFT -1 didn’t work.

CTRL-SHFT-1 didn’t work

For me I need to click on the fuel shut off then using the mouse, click hold and drag the throttle back…
And that only works if my switches that I use to start the engine for the A32nx are accidentally switched on :rofl::rofl:

Aerosoft is simulating the shutoff protection used. The throttles are fully down but require the pilot to hold down the protection lever then pull throttle down. So with the mouse you click the red protection lever then pull throttle down with the mouse. No other way I know of. Others who use LVAR’s with their controls may know a way.

As stated. pull down the protection handle and pull the levers back.

I have tried that but cannot get the throttle lever to pull back. You only have limited time once you press the red protection lever ( fuel shutoff?) to get this done otherwise it pops back.
It is also difficult to get a mouse arrow on the throttle lever in time ( mostly a hand icon ) .
Is there a way to program the throttle into the SHUTOFF detent in the EFB, just like you can for CLIMB, TOGA etc.?

You can use 3rd party software like spadnext or exsandohs. I don’t use them myself so what specific LAVAR is used I don’t know. A list of CRJ LAVAR’s is attached.

The Aerosoft Forum may be a better place to ask this question.


CRJ-LVARS.txt (23.2 KB)

Thanks for your help mate, will check them out. ITM got the throttles to go to cutoff finally. I don’t know whether others have similar problem with the mouse indicators. Mostly when you hover over the throttles, you get the hand symbol and by the time you find the finger symbol, the protection lever has closed.
I think it must be an Aerosoft glitch.