Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 Flight Start Mode

What do I have to do to get a flight to start in Cold n Dark state?
Mine always starts all powered up. I know I can then select the appropriate mode in the EFB, but there must be a way to get your flight to actually start in C & D.


Do you select C&D in EFB and start a ramp ?

Yes I do, but I thought there was a way to get all your flights to start C & D, rather than stopping an already powered up a/c.

Choose to start at the ramp/gate in the world map?

iirc, you can select the ‘default state’ in the EFB as well. If you select cold & dark for that, and start your flights on the ramp, it should always start c&d.

If you have selected a ramp place, but then change the livery or something in the loading menu, you will automatically be placed on the runway. Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly since which update this has been the case. So you are not allowed to change anything on the plane once you have selected the ramp place…or you have to select the place again on the world map if you have changed something :wink:

This is the case with all aircraft, not just the CRJ :beers:

I would have thought that the default state would be C & D. anyway.
But I have searched for the “default state” in the EFB but could not find it.
I will check again.

from memory I think it was just below the state selection list.

Ah yes, found it. Under the Default selection, just keep clicking on the icon until your favoured selection appears.
Thanks to all who replied.

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