Aerosoft CRJ fuel panel behind copilot

Really like this plane. Watched a twitch from @edwardthepilot and he used a panel behind the copilot to manage fuel loading and removal. I can’t find any documentation on this feature or even figure out how to turn it on. I tried the Aerosoft forum and didn’t see anything there either. Anyone know how to use it?

First, you need power in the aircraft to use it. I typically turn it on after I get the APU running, but presumably you could also turn it on if you have ground power connected and available. You turn it on by lifting the cover on the power switch (which is on the lower left side of the panel) and then turning the power switch to on. Once you have powered up the system, you use the increment/decrement switch repeatedly to adjust the display to the desired amount of fuel. Then you flip the transfer switch next to the increment/decrement (can’t remember what it is actually called) to start the fuel transfer. The counter will tick up or down until you reach the desired amount of fuel. Then shut off the transfer switch and turn off the system. You don’t need to mess with the valve switches on the top of the panel. At that point, go to the EFB and click on the button to set the fuel according to what is actually in the aircraft. Now you have gas, so complete your checks and go flying!

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Thanks I’ll try it again. I did flip the power switch but didn’t get the lights to turn on, but I was at an angle And maybe that was it.

Sometimes due to angle it is easy to get the cover to lift, but the switch won’t power on. If you change the angle a bit you should be able to get the switch to activate. Alternatively, you might try using the mouse wheel if you are having trouble. I can’t remember for sure if it works on that switch, but I think it may.

Yes, got it. Thanks, it worked great.