Aerosoft CRJ pitching and swerving when flying a flightplan

Anyone else experiencing the CRJ leaning to one side en route? I’m assuming its wind causing this? I understand the plane should “crab” into the wind, but act as if it’s getting blown over or pitch INTO the wind (I’ve seen both)? I also noticed the plane swerving along the flightplan. As if it turns to intercept the route, overflies and then has to compensate…over and over. That last one I noticed just once. Maybe it was an error on my part? Last question…Can you “turn before overfly” waypoints in the CRJ?


that sounds like a flight model issue. Confirm you have Flight Model set to modern and not legacy?

Don’t wish to state the obvious but are you sure you haven’t lost an engine or maybe dropped 50% power in one…? This has happened to me a few times and haven’t worked out if its me or a bug somewhere.

You can also use the 1/2 bank toggle switch when on autopilot which cuts down on some of the over correcting when following a course.

Also there is an engine synchronization switch that will match the n1/n2 of both engines.

Not get the crj but from the a32nx and default Boeing’s exp I think you havnt enabled the de ice function and icing happened?

You’re not the only one:

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Using modern flight model. Icing is set to visual only. The big thing I haven’t paid a TON of attention to is throttle. However, when I spool up on takeoff, I always make sure I’m synced up. Gotta check if I bump the throttles individually in flight or something. I don’t think I do. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a known bug or something. This doesn’t always happen but, more often than I’d like.

I still love this plane though!