Aerosoft MSFS sale

Aerosoft is running a sale on MSFS sceneries up to 25% until June 3rd.


OrbX has even 50% off in their May-Hem sale at the moment.

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The sales are GREAT, but for those who were early supporters, and paid full price, its a SLAP IN THE FACE.

But then, its all about Grabbing as much $$$ as you can, when you can, while you can…

In contrast, some time ago I purchased the JS Arrow Pa28

Now they have the Turbo, and are offering both as a package, they are also offering the Turbo at a reduced price for previous non-turbo buyers, to match the Package deal.

That is appreciated, and will greatly sway me towards JF, for additional purchases.

Aerosoft – not so much !!


I went to buy a new washing machine, a week later it was cheaper in a sale, that’s life.

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For that reason I regularly buy products once they get on sale. Learned that a long time ago with X-Plane. One of the reasons I became aware of the bank holidays in the US despite living in Europe.

Should have bought it from someone offering a Price Match Guarantee , like Best Buy

You know, that’s how sales work? I got the benefit of using product X for X amount of time before it came on sale. There are people who always wait on sales, while others don’t care and want a product as soon as it’s released.

Well I purchased A2A P40 full price during their release days and now it‘s been for free since the begin of the pandemic. I don‘t feel like I‘ve been slapped in the face. I supported a great developer and I‘m generally not envious of other people who have more money or get something for free. It‘s the point of a sale: wait and hold back and get it for less. Or even for free.

I may bite my ■■■ if I purchase something and the next day it‘s on sale though lol

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