Aerosoft "Toolbar Pushback Pro" for marketplace

Wasn’t there news recently that Aerosoft was going to release the “Pushback Pro” utility on the marketplace, for both PC and Xbox users? It was supposed to be a repackaged version of the “Toolbar Pushback” or the product with a similar name, under the Pro moniker. Or with the recent turmoil at Aerosoft, this project has been canned?

On Xbox there really should be something like this, an easy-to-use yet flexible pushback utility, because the default option doesn’t work as it should, and the ground crew can’t push back aircraft to its intended position. So it would be extremely helpful to have some kind of light utility in the toolbar with which we could plan and engage a proper pushback.

Interestingly, I haven’t found any news articles on this, but I clearly remember there was a plan to do this by Aerosoft. Is it still in the making, I wonder?


I’ve been using GSX Pro for Pushback in PC, but they don’t think it can work for Xbox because of their required external app running separately.

I haven’t heard anything about Aerosoft Pushback tool, though.

Finally, after so much time, it’s finally taking shape. I knew I saw this earlier! Here’s a preview video if the Aerosoft Toolbar Pushback Pro:

No word on a release date yet, but I’m hoping it’s coming soon now. On Xbox, this would be an invaluable tool.

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its released now on the aerosoft store !

Have just purchased this and gave it a test run. Unfortunately, this does not work with many jetways as tried various airports even Aerosoft own. So, hold fire until there’s a work around


if pushback is working that is enough for me. jetways are bells and whistles i dont need

edit: aerosoft forum

Pushback works wonderfully so early days regarding the ground services. However, do have GSX Pro installed but deactivated. Maybe is conflicting with this.

I have installed it…

But it’s weird though. How do you plan the pushback?
In the window all I can do is to drag the aircraft to a certain point, but the aircraft is not turned so it is heading the taxiway?


Can anyone test the “pre-planning” screen with an Xbox controller? How does the virtual cursor work? Is it possible to rotate the airplane, etc? Maybe with the triggers or the right stick? I know most of you use a mouse but if you have an Xbox controller you can just switch to it on the fly.

Does anyone know how or when it’s going to be on Xbox in the marketplace?

If you purchased GSX, this toolbar tool is useless.

No it’s not, quite often GSX throws a wobbly or navdata isn’t present which will cause GSX not to work also this will allow you to tow forward which is pretty cool when you want to take aircraft into maintenance. It also works with GA which GSX doesnt do

Jetways are working for me and i also still have gsx pro active ive used the freeware one for years like this

Or tow all the away to the runway after getting taxi clearance because you want to save on fuel. Yeah, I did that once. XD


I thought I saw an image that showed a pushback from inside the tug? Is that possible in the Pro version? Thanks

Can u both use this side by side with GSX? after calling for pushback truck and then use Aerosoft pushback after

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

before i use the freeware version and it works really well.
I would just try the towing and give it a try with the same Aircraft.

But after preplanning and starting the pushback, it pushes me in a “s-curve” like if the pushback driver is drunken :slight_smile:

Did anyone expierence the same ?


Hello gain,

no one has the same Problem or can help with the new Pushback Tool from Aerosoft please ?

Here is a Video:

I planned for sure streight back from pos 128 in EDDP and then just a 90 degrees turn.


So, it’s still not out on the marketplace. I wonder if there is an issue with this tool, or just the similar months of marketplace delay. The only point of this tool would be on Xbox, as PC users have better alternatives.

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