Aerosoft Twin Otter update - new engine sounds showcase


I put together this quick video showing what the Twotter sounds like during startup, throttle and prop work, takeoff, climb, cruise, approach, landing and reverse.

Hope it helps as I’ve seen quite a few people on reddit wondering if it’s been fixed enought to purchase. Since I can’t post videos there, I hope it’ll help someone here.


Epic start-up!

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Waiting for it to hit Orbx Central…

Does Orbx handle the update or does it come through Aerosoft One? I was waiting on Just Flight and remembered to check Aerosoft One and the update was there.

Thanks for posting the video, but I still don’t get it. Do people actually think these sounds are good? The transitions, pitch changes (non-existent) and volume balance is still poor.

I am surprised at Aerosoft for releasing it in this state. I like the visual model and the number of variants, but it just seems unfinished to me. Maybe they will have another crack at it, but it still isn’t brilliant. You only have to compare it to the TSS sound mod for this plane to understand. The difference is like night and day.

The worst sound set for any third party aircraft in MSFS up to now :frowning:


I don’t think so, no :frowning:
The reason I’m making this video is because i’ve read quite a lot of comments on multiple forums where people like the airframe, would like to have the addon in their sim, but the sounds are a showstopper for many, understandably so.

So since I know some are still on the fence and are waiting for a sound improvement, I made this to showcase the very marginal progress that has been made since release last week, but I still think it’s bad. It’s slightly better at cruise, but it’s overall very bad.


Thanks SpaceBear - I understand and completely agree.

Thanks for the video. As I suspected, it seems like it hasn’t been fixed at all. That abrupt, loud noise at flight idle is notable in that I don’t think it was there in previous versions, so it’s almost like they’ve made it worse. Hopefully, it gets sorted out soon.


The files get pushed to Orbx Central - as a matter of fact, since I posted that five hours ago, the update has been uploaded. Downloading now…

That’s the first I’ve “heard” the Twotter… have only read about it prior to this. Thanks very much for spending the time to make (and record) the video. It’s a shame the sound set is subpar… looks like a kick to fly.

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I agree and the aerosoft forums are just shutting anyone down who complains. I am actually shocked how they treat us customers. I am personally incredibly disappointed in the product and isn’t up to standard of aerosoft. Especially for the price.


I think what may be needed is a sound engineer or company to develop a more superior sound set and post it for download. Maybe Aerosoft will continue to develop it but in their absence, it seems another source may be necessary. It’s a real pity…so much potential unrealised.


You mean something like this?
It’s another 13€. I already paid 36€ for the Aerosoft Twin Otter, i’m not spending another euro on this :confused:

There’s a mod on to make it work with MSFS.

EDIT: my god it sounds so much better, it’s insane.


that is so different it’s not funny. I think this was used in P3D which was very good. Does this work in MSFS if added to the community folder?

yes the aircraft is fantastic in general…great to fly, looks great etc etc, but the sound is a real let-down. If this were fixed, it would appease most of the sim pilots I think. Other issues pale into insignificance compared with the sound issues. Just an announcement from AS that they will fix it as it should be would be so gratefully acknowledged and received, I’m sure.

That indeed sound SOO much better than the default sounds… a pity aerosoft shot itself in the foot by egging on their community. I’m pretty sure everyone has been looking forwards to the Twin Otter, even the makers themselves, and after hearing that first version, i’m kind of wondering if the devs are actually these two, checking eachothers work:


I’ll definately be getting the twin otter, yet at some other sound point in time, once they come to their sences.

Woof ~ Woof & Salute for the information


Will invest 13€ in the soundpack instead of buying Antarctica scenery from Aerosoft. Will then happily fly in Alaska with the orbx mesh and never buy from Aerosoft. This is just beyond ridiculous.

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What we hear in the OP appears to be what Aerosoft think it should sound like if that’s what they release as a patch. With their habit to calculate every patch for feasibility I can’t imagine them to rework the sounds. The starters being too lound might be a simple fix to reduce even on our side but the transitions is another topic, many developers have struggled for ages. The TTS sounds are definitely a huge improvement but adding another 13€ to the Twotter for such a basic Aerosoft addon is not what I will do. I’ll skip the Twin Otter, unfortunately, if AS don’t do it themselves.

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Installed your Mod and the Sounds but got Pixel Errors in the Cockpit of the Otter. Different missing Parts on different Planes. Tested the Skydiver and 6-300-Wheels-Pax. The Sounds are much better but with the Graphic Errors it’s not usable. Switching back to the Original json.xml and Sound.xml and the Errors are gone. But bad Sound. Twin Otter is the Update.
Sorry for the Sky Elite Window in the Screen Shots. Was Quick and Dirty.

I just got an email from Just Flight who told me the update should be available on their site sometime later today.

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