Aerotow gilder training activity missing Korean and Turkish localizations

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Brief description of the issue:

Logging on behalf of user @Kakrc.
The aerotow glider training is missing .locPak files for Turkish and Korean.
To be clear, this is the package that I am talking about:
and it is missing these files:


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This is what happens when you click the button. It uses English:

Video from @Kakrc showing the training in English:
FlightSimulator 2023 03 07 10 55 05 779 - YouTube

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  2. In Content Manager, ensure that the Aerotow package is installed.
  3. Switch MSFS language to Korean or Turkish.
  4. Restart the sim. (Required when changing languages.)
  5. Navigate to Activities (if testing in Korean or Turkish, it’s the bottom-left one in the main menu) > Gliders > Aerotow.
    Expected result:

The activity is in Korean or Turkish.

Observed result:

It’s in English. (My guess is that this is the fall-back language when the chosen language is not available.)

PC specs and peripheral set up:


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Fixed in SU12.