After Update Menus Do Not Load

Using MS Store/Xbox Version; Windows 10; Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000; CH Products flight yoke.
After today’s update I cannot get my menus to load; I just see the Home, Profile, and Options Menus and cannot get to any sub-menus and flight menus like choosing an airplane or loading a flight. I don’t understand, after so many mandatory updates that have been released, how each one be worse than the previous…my stomach drops every time I see a mandatory update. I have taken precautions to empty my community folder before each update and yet today the update did not take. I have attached a pic of my opening screen on which I cannot get past that page. I have logged out and back into Xbox Live and MS Store with no + results. Anyone else experience this? Any assistance much appreciated!

Same here

Experiencing this - did you guys manage to find a fix?

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

I have a similar issue.

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When you save the flight in the cloud and then you try to load the saved flight next time you start a flight, you don’t see the menu for loading the previous flight. But by trial and error I was able to find that by pressing SPACE bar I can open the menu for loading the previous flight.

After loading the previous flight, the flight is restored but the above menu is also totally missing, with no possibility to enable it back. I don’t know how this menu is called – it’s the one that you access by clicking the mouse on a small white down-facing arrow, that lets you enable the AI Pilot, add more fuel, see the closest interest points etc. That menu is entirely and irreversibly gone. The small white down-facing arrow never shows up. There is also no combination of keys that would trigger the menu to appear (at least not any combination that I know of… I clicked ALL buttons on the keyboard and the menu did not pop up. I also clicked some common combination of keys – like CTRL + … other keys or ALT + … other keys and there is no menu showing up).

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I am playing the MS Store PC version of the game. I have some add-ons turned on but frankly I don’t think that’s related. I was flying the default/stock Boeing 747 that comes with the Premium Deluxe version of the game. Running on a Windows 11 Pro, 7950X Ryzen with RX 6950 XT video, 64 GB of system RAM, latest version of the game (as of February 18, 2024) and latest Windows updates and Microsoft Store updates. All in-game updates have been applied as of this date also (including all optional map, liveries and aircraft updates). This bug is clearly a regression bug on your part, because I could see it being reported before on your forum (several years ago), and it either has never been properly fixed, or is “alive and well” once again. It is also ridiculous that your forum does not make it possible for users to re-open a closed post / bug. Frankly speaking, this forum is very poorly designed, but that’s for another day. P.S. Sorry for being grumpy.