After content update back to easy again

I downloaded a Stearman update on content manager and all settings in the Sim have again reverted not just to EASY but also all to default. :unamused:

Yes, this is a known error. Just install everything as desired in the Content Manager and make the settings at the very end and then avoid the Content Manager for the time being.

But this was fixed in the last update? So this error has returned?

In beta version, yes.

Now THAT was annoying! I had to reset my settings from arcade-actionflyer-simpleton to simulation at least five times because every time I started the sim everything was reset to default and easy.
And these amazing helpful flying tips kept popping up: “To start your engines press STRG+E” "To release the park brake press , " and other truly important messages - no matter how often I disabled this function.

Now finally all my settings keep saved again and are no longer constantly resetting. I don´t know what caused this bug, but it disappeared without any updates. :slight_smile:

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Unless I am going completely nuts which is likely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am sure this was fixed a while ago in SU7 ??
So it has come back?
Very confusing. I am not a Beta user.


today I did test with G1000 NXi update (waited till today for update) and can confirm that after update and restart of sim, all is again on EASY. I have SU7 (no Beta tester).

It will come back again if you make any changes in “My Content”.

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