After “enter” in FPL engine stops

When I enter my flight plan (FPL) into the Cessna 172 G1000 NXI, the engine stops immediately after pressing the ENTER key, or after pressing the A key on my Xbox series X controller. Example: I enter EHAM at departure and then press the ENTER key on my keyboard. NOW THE PLANE’S ENGINE STOPS IMMEDIATELY. The same problem also occurs when I enter something in the FPL menu via my controller and then press A to confirm. Is that normal, or is this a bug? Michael from The Netherlands.

Note that using keys to type on the avionics can still activate any control bindings that are bound to those keys. So you might be tripping something via the various keys you are pressing, including letters and the enter key.

Personally I recommend making friends with the knobs and pretending it’s a real G1000. :wink:

You should probably go into the control settings and deactivate any keyboard bindings you don’t expect to use.

Thanks for your help Vibstronium!