After new Installation of MSFS, in Nov 23, all files have parameter errors

Just recently I had a Windows 11 update problem and had to reinstall with the help of the media creation tool from Microsoft. My MSFS installation was then unfortunately deleted.
Here’s the problem: After installing MSFS again which took about 2 days, I can’t open my files, like usercfg.opt for example or aircraft.cfg. The error message is that they have the wrong „parameter“.
Is there anyway if fixing this problem without having to repeat the installation again completely? I did a windows scan with „sfc“ and there are no errors.


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How are you trying to open them. If you don’t have anything associated with .opt or .cfg files, then you would need to right click on them, and “Open with…” or depending on the editor, drag the file onto an open window, such as Notepad or Notepad++.

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With the editor. I did this in the past and everything was fine, could open and edit the file.

Sorry, which editor specifically?

Notepad. Didn’t know that was relevant.

If you don’t have Notepad++ as hobanagerik mentioned, I strongly suggest you get that. IMHO It’s much better than the standard Windows Notepad app.


Notepad should work, so it might imply you have a permissions issue.

The moment I right click any file in the MSFS directory, I get a parameter error message, Notepad or not.

I’m curious - can you delete a file, like aircraft.cfg? Just single-click it and press the delete key? Even if it works, you can always get it back from your recycle bin, but if you get an error that you don’t have permission, then hobanagerik would be right.

It’s a parameter error that I’m getting, not an ownership error.

Can you share a screenshot of the error message?

I know… but if you try to delete the file and you get a permission error, then that would be nice to know.

Just deleted usercfg.opt with no problems, so that works

Hopefully you could do a repair (I’m not home right now so I can’t look that up). Other than that, all I could imagine would be to delete it and reinstall, but before you go to that extreme maybe someone else could weigh in with another option.

Thanks for your suggestions. I decided to reset and thus had to install again

Thanks for this advice, after a new install of the base MSFS, I couldn’t open the usercfg.opt, so I downloaded notepad ++ and it works. It was just strange for me that the standard editor didn’t do the trick.

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Just a hunch, but I have no idea why you are getting that.