After patch A320 left engine starts, then dies, won't start again

I would imagine most people are getting this problem so maybe we could stop saying “me too”, it serves no purpose.

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I had the same experience. Once the left engines stalls I could not bring it back up the way as described above. Even a total shutdown of engines, and APU and subsequent re-start along normal procedure would not bring the left side engine back on line.

Jup same. Only when you start from the runway with all aircraft systems and engines on there is no issue. But starting cold and dark indeed kills the left engine upon taxiing. really frustrating.

Once it dies it doesnt start anymore. N2 increases until 25 and gets stuck there due to the APU BLEED ON, but theres no fuel flow and no N1>1.

Really, where? I can find it neither here nor here

Is there a third known issues list?

It’s on yesterday Known issues list:

You can find it in the real top of the forum side when not browsing mobile (or maybe in browser view). I’ve searched a long time too.

I am getting the engine dying after startup as well and am also losing the screen on the pilots side as well. Very disappointed.

A bit like your post. The more people report it and/or upvote it may get noticed sooner by Asobo.

How are people getting their engines to die when the ■■■■ plane doesn’t even turn on at the gate? Do they know of this issue too as it’s not listed on known issues? batteries and external power dont turn anything on and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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I am getting the engine dying after startup as well and am also losing the screen on the pilots side as well.

Workaround: Keep your APU running during the whole flight and the engine won’t die. Even if you start c&d, works for me.

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Errors after updating:
Here after Att, the A320 is accelerating and decelerating the throttle like a crazy, from the moment you fill the engine to accelerate on the runway, as during the entire flight. With AT / AP activated or deactivated, in addition to sometimes appearing on the track with the engine disabled. This second I already saw that you are mocked, but this first one (every time), has anyone seen it?

Another thing that my sensibility menu is still there, but when you click it only opens a window and the confirm button, without the adjustment curves. I lost my free night downloading att because of these slow servers, I couldn’t play anything else because 99% of the GPU resources were in the installer.


Hi everyone, exact same issue, A32nx with or without mods, is left engine shutting down!

Same issue, also throttle value is stuck at 92% even when idle.

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Confirming E1 spool down as described, and solved by continuing APC power/bleed

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Hi folks,
as a workaround … you must not turn off the auxiliary power unit, then power unit 1 continues to run normally.

LOL. What a solution…

Glad to see the mod community pinpointed the bug but sadly they can’t fix it themselves, so we will have to wait on an official patch by asobo. As for the APU workaround, though no realistic, I’m just glad there is a workaround that makes it flyable while we wait on a new patch.


yep no overhead buttons work except ext power.

Im doing a test flight right now, I have yet to run into the overhead issue, but the engine workaround seems to be holding up