After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

combined with “Shader Cache Size = Unlimited” and “Low Latency Mode = On” in NVidia settings. last thing I changed after I got some stutter with “LOW” PRE-CACHING.

I think I’m just going to leave it on Ultra because it’s the smoothest for me. But I don’t know if Ultra precaches as effectively as it did before this whole Xbox mess got integrated into the PC code.

I flew not long enought after shutdown the garmins and in second try I had not can reproduce the same situation.

I also hope we getting more feedback about switching Garmins Off and users can at least “land”.

Currently still unknow why this helps… may be there is also a internal cache cleaned if we switch off the garmins, or just the main-thread getting shortly less work. At least I was able to land safely for now. On ground , as I shutdowned the Avionics ( in flight where it happens ), I see also a increasment in FPS. May thats what you describe , that the problem comes back after a while.

Same here, bit more drastic tho, where I was at 60ish I’m now at 20ish, really bad. And that with the default 172 in the middle of the Floridian state.

i7 10700k - max temps between 60 and 70
32GB DDR 3200
1080TI with the latest drivers (thought it was outdated drivers but it wasn’t)
MSFS on a 500GB SSD

Hoping for a hotfix :slight_smile:

Any one could tell if the issue happens also with pmdg 737?

Not looking good according to this:

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This might be helpful for some even though not for all. Still works for me well as a first aid pain relief. My hypothesis is that changing audio output cleans up the memory by dumping away unnecessarily accumulated audio related codes at once.

Something strange happened today. I don’t normally do long flights, but I had put the A320nx on a flight from Heathrow to Toulouse. During the flight I went away and forgot about it. Initially it was at 40FPS (NVidia settings capped).
When I returned, I found the aircraft had run out of fuel and was gliding over the Mediterranean ocean. The FPS was at about 5 fps. Then I closed the on-screen VFR map and then instantly the FPS shot-up again to 40 FPS.

Never had this issue until after this patch today.

Finished my flight and loaded back in with a 50% FPS gain. Pretty huge issue here.

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Removed yourcontrols, and Toolbar pushback.. that solved the problem for me so far.

I don’t have yourcontrols but I have had toolbar pushback for a long time and never had any issues. I’ve never had this performance degradation. The only thing that has changed is the patch today. I did a flight this morning before the patch, no degradation, 2 flights post patch, both massive loss of FPS throughout.

I had no problems either but after SU9 my sim started doing this..

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I didn’t get it with Sim Update 9, just with the patch today. The sim updates and patches are so troublesome, everyone has pretty much made the sim worse. It’s been downhill for me since release really.


Have experienced the very same issue here. Select a long flight and engage auto-pilot, say if doing a flight from Orlando (USA) to OR Tambo in South Africa, flying Boeing 747-8. (About a 15hr flight, using default plane) Fps eventually drops after a few hours from 60Fps down to about 14Fps… GPU usage drops to around 18% +/-… I have checked all power saving options in Windows, and turned off whatever power saving options there are, but this does not help…
Windows 11 Pro - 21H2 - 22000.675
Intel i9-11900k
RTX3080 - nVidia Driver Version
64Gb RAM
2Tb 980 Pro (Samsung)
Regards Mark

YEAP same approach that took place with GT7 in PS5 and then devs were forced to deal with it ASAP !!!

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Hey guys, I had the same problem with random FPS drops after one hour of flying. When I restarted the game I was able to play fluently on high graphic settings but after one hour, even when I remained at the same position FPS dropped to single digits.

My Solution:
I don’t know wether it was fixed by the update yesterday or it was me because I deleted everything in my Community folder but the PMDG 737.

Hope this helps some of you.

I had the same thing today when flying from KMIA to EGKK.

The fps and GPU usage gradually decreased as time went on. GPU and CPU temps were all well within normal range at ~50C. The fps was around 5 and GPU usage peaked at 40% but dropped to 0% frequently at mid point of test. Frame time was between 90ms and 200ms. RAM usage increased from 6GB to 14GB and audio started crackling during test.

Interestingly when my monitor resumed from sleep during the test the aircraft and environment audio from MSFS failed to work and RAM dropped to 3GB before slowly increasing again despite no audio except menu clicks working in the sim.

Test was stopped before making landfall in the UK as fps was hovering between 0 and 5 fps. Frame time was between 150ms and 400ms at this point. Sim was very unstable and clearly not working well enough to even bother attempting a landing.

The dev mode fps counter was flipping between limited by CoherentGTDraw and CoherentGTUIThread.

I do have Toolbar Pushback installed. No pop out windows were open at time of checking fps.

Mods in use during test:

Salty 747-8i with BA livery
Toolbar Pushback

PC Specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Related Zendesk Ticket: #158684

hey welcome, I can confirm that the hotfix improved sth. Even with add-ons in my Community Folder.
In my case after the hotfix, I was flying one of my EDDB to EDDB traffic patterns in Asobo A320. 25L. Pilot view.

Take-Off = 58-61 fps. (92-93% GPU Core)
Cruise (6000-8000ft) @ 64-72 fps (99-100% GPU Core for 20 min)
Landing @ 44-48 fps (72-78% GPU Core)
Taxi back to 25L and Line up Runway @ 56-57 fps (91-93% GPU Core).
But with 2 planes in front of me. Runway far away and another to the right taxiing.

So I assume this little degradation is because of AI Traffic. I didn’t try taxi to the gates. But even fps will drop @ gates… it’s an improvement. Hope they don’t break this improvement again.


Hello all,

i want only share basic infos, i have my hw no rocket this time. Did stress to sim everytime with 3-rd party addon sitting at APN many hours, test fps, stability. Never noticed any fps own degradation by sim/system. Also don’t have many addons because somehow feel that with add more addons inside community all starts doing bad things. Test sim with clear community folder and without any tweaks, better with same graphical settings for longer time as possible. Use of bad antivirus solution can be also problem.

I still think it may have something to do with the planned route waypoints in MSFS.

PMDG is the first airplane i use that doesn’t use the MSFS route system at all and for the first time i am able to do long haul flights without performance loss. The FBW also has it’s own waypoint system but it still puts a route in MSFS.

After a 10 hour flight in the 737 i still have the same performance.

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