After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

Weather changes and as for the fps drop that can also depend on the weather but is mostly the scenery you fly over, particularly but not necessarily if there are mods involved. And of course regardless of how fast your internet connection is it only extends to your ISP, beyond that there could be as many as 30 hops to the MS servers.

The XBox is seeing another topic that has similarities to this one, but as there is no FPS counter it’s hard to decide whether it is the same or not. The reason I (an XBox X user) follow this thread is because of the reported XBox issue is very similar in that it involves longer flights of 1.5-2+hrs.
On the XBox the symptom is blank avionics screens (first), many times on approach and sometimes although not always followed by a CTD.
There is currently no fix for this on XBox either but there are many people affected esp those doing those longer flights.
There is speculation that it will be addressed in SU6 but there is no rock solid confirmation of that.
My hypothesis is that whatever resource is being used up/filled up/space run out of on PC is present on XBox too, but may be manifesting itself in a different outcome. FPS isn’t easy to monitor on XBox though so I don’t have data on frame rate drops seen when the avionics screens go blank.
I should point out that I don’t do many long flights, and haven’t seen these black avionics screens myself but many others do.

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There are many cloud types presented, and some look better than others.

Okay, now I did a flight with the FBW320 from KEWR to LPPT. As I mentioned before, I also have no framedrops anymore also with this addon. Actually I have these Add-Ons installed:

So, I really don’t know, why I not have this bug anymore, but a reinstallation helped. I will test this Issue the next time I fly a flight over 10h. Then I will give you a new update on this…

Why hasn’t this been logged as a bug? @Jummivana - this can be consistently reproduced but there is no [BUG LOGGED] change on this?

I’m having this issue too, mainly on long haul flight longer than 3 hours.
I have this with all airliners with mods and without.
None of the above helps.

Win11 stable
32 Gb fast ram
1TB m2 Samsung 980

All ultra
Vsync locked at 30…and it never goes below that, always super smooth
Online settings: all ON (traffic and live weather) why shall I fly without those? Long haul without those is booooooring :slight_smile:

After 3 hours, my frames drop to 15-10 FPS, dev mode shows manipulators and main thread being the bottlenecks with responses higher than 130ms

@Jummivana can you please make sure this thread is visible to devs and can you confirm this is being looked at? Thanks

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You should state your online data settings, since AI (live) traffic is the only thing that is definitely proven to be involved in this issue.

I can tell you for my system all AI traffic has been disabled the issue still exists.

Edited my post for clarity, all ONLINE settings on (I refuse to turn them off even though I tried for troubleshooting purposes when I was having the issue and did not help)

So I did another 4-5h flight with the A32NX, the only change still being live traffic data and multiplayer off, and the FPS loss did unfortunately occur again this time.

EDIT: WOW, just to try something out before quitting the abovementioned flight, I set some destination on the flight assistant tab and enabled “ai piloting” and WHOM FPS back to normal! That’s crazy, but try it out for yourself and let me know!
Just to make it clear: You can deactivate ai piloting just after that and FPS will stay good. An easy workaround it seems!


Never had this problem. I always have a stable 50 FPS.
Today I did my first big VATSIM event. A flight of 7 hours. The last 1 hour my FPS drop to almost 10 FPS! So it looks like this will happen after some time.

So glad someone experienced this too! This is so far the only solution I have found to get rid of the performance issue! I did this while doing an ultra long-haul from Beijing to Buenos Aires…and it recovered the performance completely!

Unfortunately it only works if you are very close to an airport…if you are doing a long-haul over long stretches of ocean, you are out of luck. :roll_eyes: I believe this is definitely a bug in their nav system or something, not sure if it has anything to do with online features.

Yes that’s right, though it doesn’t have to be an airport, just any city. But yes, above the ocean it’s a problem. However it means that at least for the descent or approach you will have your normal FPS back, which is great. I am not doing much during cruise anyway, so I can live with that for now (still needs to be fixed ASAP).

I did however also encounter (on previous flights) the AI traffic FPS drain, which went away when I toggled AI traffic; so there are either two completely different issues or both are connected to the same original issue.

Anyway thanks for your hint with the “set destination” stuff, I didn’t remember where I read that but obviously it was you :slight_smile:


You are right, it could be two completely different issues or at least related to some extent. I feel lucky that I haven’t experienced any fps drops so far with the online features.

I just can’t believe Asobo hasn’t even publicly acknowledged this issue after all this time. I believe this started well before SU5…

For me it started after SU5, when that flight assistant menu was introduced. They obviously screwed up something else (again…).
I do only medium-long hauls with the A32NX, though, no long hauls.

If you set a destination in flight assistant, wouldn’t it erase your current flight plan in the FMS?

No it does not, I just tried on the salty 747. However you need to remember to activate autopilot again and re-arm LNAV and VNAV

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As the previous person said, no it does not. It just takes over control of the aircraft for a short time (on the A32NX I think not even that, but I can’t remember; anyway I had absolutely no problem or discomfort with that workaround)

Hey I just did this, and it worked!

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Great to know. I just started a westbound transatlantic flight, so if it bogs down to minimal fps again, I’ll try that fix when I reach the coast. Fingers and toes crossed.