After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS


Don’t even want to try a 2 hours flight with the 737-800…

What’s weird is I only had this issue with this aircraft, was able to make a 3 hours flight with the Fenix with no issues.

Maybe new Nvidia drivers with DX12 will help.

FWIW, are you still using the same graphics and flight parameters (no changes) for over a year? I’ve had to change many of my graphic parameters going from SU9 to SU10 to get any performance improvements.

Became most prevalent for me after SU9, where the time before this happened was ~5h (so no transatlantic, thanks for the B748…) it’s now very consistently 2-2.5h.

Same just a few moments ago - as 2h in-sim ticked through, GPU plummeted back to idle and down to single-digit (i.e. unusable) FPS. Other values normal - CPU max ~70% and RAM consistent etc, just as though MSFS is like “paaaah CBA using the graphics card any more”.

And as above still no fix. Diabolical.

But hey, “Game of the Year”, right?

LOL that was last year. ;p

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this is very strange… for me it’s better with the SU10 with my GTX 1080 (before at Los Angeles or New York = 8 FPS, and now i have 25 - 30 in the same place with the same setting Ultra, PG ON with all world update in 1080p (just the LOD of terrain has 200 and not 400), and i have flight more than 2 hours and no drop too now, you have Pushback Toolbar and you have update all World Update ? i know when i have delete for me pushback toolbar the problem with fps drop during long period played has disaper

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No issues now with SU10.

Finally after more than 15 months, flying is a pleasure. Almost smooth in my configuration. Full screen mode 5760x1080 NV Screen DLSS, DX12 Beta, LOD 100, High. X570 Plus, Ryzen 9500X, RTX 2080 Super.

I still continue with FPS drop during flights.

Yesterday i start at LPPR with 35 fps, and arrive al LSZH with 20 fps. I notice FPS drop when start descend.

I use a RTX2070 Super.

And i dont know why, but for me, using 2K or 4K, i have exactly the same FPS’s.

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:smiling_face_with_tear: Ah of course, my bad

To be fair, the issue was since before I had Pushback Toolbar, and I had tried with empty community folder and it was still doing it after 4h or so. BUT, I haven’t recently - I’ll try a flight >2h without PBTB and see how it goes, thank you!

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Generally, the GPU sends about 4x more bits to a 4k monitor than to a 2k monitor if my math is correct. In other words, FPS should be higher using 2k vs 4k. But in your case, it is not. Your 2k should be higher. This means your GPU is waiting for the CPU to send it more 2k frames to process. But the CPU cannot send 2k frames fast enough. To send more 2k frames, the graphic parameters have to be adjusted to move processing from the CPU to the GPU usually by setting the LODs lower.

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For me the FPS drops are 100% related to traffic. Turn all traffic off (including airport traffic and fauna) and no FPS drop at all. Leave it on and slowly the manipulators increase until it grinds the cpu to a halt.

Any update from Asobo on this considering they started a fix a few months back?

tell me a feedback, i think try to reinstall the pushback toolbar now that the SU10 solve all my problem for know if the issue of that is the mod or just the previous SU9, for the moment i have flight 9 hours since the SU10 in total and it’s all good and same with complex aicraft as PMDG 737 or Concorde

Ah and for info i have upgrade my PC yesterday i have passed of 16 GB of RAM at 32 and the little stutter has disappear now, Orishek you you have 16 or 32 ? I know you have this problem too

I am of the opinion that people were incorrectly blaming toolbar pushback for these performance drops. But if you want to be safe you can leave it installed, then once you have used it. Use the cog to disable it from the toolbar and it won’t be active anyway. Then when you need it, just enable it again.


yeah you have maybe reason, this is for that i want test again now for know the real cause of the issue