After re-install msfs2020 Typhoon missing, also not the same gamertag

Had to do a Windows 10 re-installation. Then after re-installation of msfs2020 my Typhoon purchase was missing, also not the same gamertag given to me when I originally installed from my MS account so my settings and log information is missing. I re-installed from the same MS account. My re-install is a brand new account…how do I get my original account installed?
Anyone know what this is all about some help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Content purchased on one account (gamertag) will naturally not be available to another.

Sign into game with the Xbox user account that you purchased the content with.

I didn’t use xbox to purchase msfs 2020 and I don’t use xbox on my PC, I purchased through direct from the Microsoft web site.

Neither did I.
I bought the game through steam.

However, FS2020 uses the Xbox servers to handle user registration/profiles. - this is your “gamertag” it’s an Xbox account NOT your Microsoft account.

If you created or logged in with an account when you originally installed and first started the game ever then your marketplace purchases are associated with it and you will need to log into FS2020 with this same account in order for cloud saved data and marketplace purchases to link to your new install.

Thank you for the info…
Yes I purchased and downloaded msfs from the Microsoft website and when I re-installed the other day I did it by logging into MS store and dnlded from there.
I’ve only used the same MS store account since making the purchase.

This is from my receipt.

The gamertag I had before the re-install is not the same after the re-install I was given something else and with that change I lost all my settings, purchase planes, etc.

All your previous settings and the marketplace purchases etc are associated with the account that you used originally.

Sign out of whatever account you have been signed in with now and use the original instead.

I’m not at PC right now, but the sign in/out location is at the top right of the main menu.

You can also check your accounts by logging into Xbox website

I would recommend opening a ticket with Zendesk support.

The difficult thing to understand is the email that the new gamertag is associated with is the same email as was my original gamertag…which is again the same email as my microsoft account that I purchased msfs 2020 with.
I will open a ticket with Zendesk support.
Thanks again!

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Resolved…purchase of msfs made from 1 acct, purchase of Typhoon made from another acct.
Didn’t realize how it worked, put in for refund, only way to move to other acct.