After sim update 15, 3070 graphics card running higher

After SIM Update 15, I noticed my graphics card (3070) fans ramping up really loudly when flying MSFS.

I don’t know what 3070 was operating at BEFORE the update, I think I remember it running in the 50 - 60% arena. But this definitely different than before. Looking at task manager I see that the 3070 is running at 70% with A300 sitting on the runway.

I’ve got my monitors set at 120khz with GSync on and in the game VSync is on as well at 50% monitor refresh rate.

Since I have no idea about this stuff, I don’t even know where to start.

My MSFS General Options are set to “high”.

Is there a setting that could have been reset or something that’s changed (though I didn’t myself change anything) between last week and SU15?


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I recommend installing this free software (Open Hardware Monitor.) You can look at a lot of info, including realtime tracking of your GPU temps, load, and fan speeds. It also has a neat feature that lets you track whichever categories you want (I track CPU Temp, GPU Temp, and GPU Load) and have it sit in a little widget on your desktop.

Also, do you know how to enable Developer Mode, and use it to Display FPS?

It’s important to balance your graphics settings so that your CPU and GPU latencies are fairly balanced. The FPS tool will show you that. There’s a section called ‘Limited By’ and it will switch between ‘Main Thread’ and ‘GPU’ depending on which component has the highest latency.

On my system I see it rapidly flickering between the two, which tells me I have good balance.

This video is very helpful for understanding how to balance your graphics settings.

Thanks for that BegottenPoet. I do have developer mode engaged. I’ll take a look.

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I can tell you that after one update (but before SU15) my 3090 Ti GPU load increased dramatically. I noticed temps that were getting into what I thought were dangerous.

Mine is liquid-cooled, so I didn’t hear the fan noise like you, but I definitely saw it in the Open Hardware Monitor Widget.

I ended up swapping out radiators and fans for something much more robust, and my temps are now down where they should be.

I found that using DLSS DLAA is really hard on my GPU.
Using TAA drops temps (and load) by a full 10-15%.
But I like DLSS DLAA, and with the new radiator/fans I’m able to use it.

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Even if the card is 100% doesn’t mean it’s working to capacity in 2020. It’s just doing something. I wouldn’t use it as a measure of capability in this sim. It saw an increase of utilization in 15 with slightly more DX 12 optimization, but the CPU is still single thread choked. GPU is just showing that it’s rendering things. CPU is still one core screaming and 7-15 sleeping. All your stutters is lag waiting on the CPU to deliver data to render.


Same increase in muy case but the sim runs equal

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Thanks. Sim seems to be running fine. The only difference I’ve noticed is what seems to be a higher usage of gpu. I fixed the framerate to be 1/2 of 120hz so 60 and that lowered the usage about 10%. Now I’m running about 60% gpu in a “normal” scene, which is what I think I used to be getting.


That’s a good tweak as with some graphics cards (like my old RX 6800) the gpu will work to pump out frames to match the monitors refresh rate, especially if your set up doesn’t support variable refresh rate (VRR). Obviously, not many gpu’s are going to achieve 120fps so setting the refesh rate back to 60 should help balance things out.


In my case, with a RTX1080, after a week of tests

FPS limited to 30 in NVIDIA panel
Mean GPU temp 56ºC, fan at 40%
GPU Power: 75W
CPU about 34%
In SDK FPS, Limited by GPU and indicator colours quite ok

FPS, I have tested many settings and conclude that limiting FPS in Nvidia panel or with Vsync the effect seen in SDK FPS is now the same, before SU update the VSyc limit had more power consumtion.
Mean GPU temp 85ºC, I have limited to 70ºC, the fan has
GPU Power: 105W
CPU, the same about 34%
In SDK FPS, Limited by GPU and better indicator colours

No noise problem here but the room is getting hotter…good in winter bad in summer

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I undervolted my GPU and things seem more normal now. I don’t know, maybe I had had my gpu undervolted before, but I don’t think so.

MSFS gpu temps topping around 66C now.