After SU10 TBM930 Improvement mod no more working

After SU10 TBM930 improvement mod V . is not working
No skin displayed !

I expect that generally after each sim Update.

It’s time for devs of addons to do changes, updates…

Oh YES !
many thank’s

Using this latest update, on cold start the front luggage door is open by default and I can’t close it for anything. The usual handle thing down by the pilot does nothing

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes I confirm
Unable to close cockpit door and luggage door on cold start

You might want to ask in the main TBM-930 Improvement Mod thread that I linked above. The developer currently maintaining the mod posts there.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities since this about the TBM mod.

I was so focused on the luggage door that I hadn’t tried the cockpit door yet :smile:

I’m sure that’ll get sorted out quickly

Yes. The level to close the front luggage door doesn’t work, and indeed the front luggage door is open on cold cockpit.

But for me, the front luggage door closes when I close the pilots door. Ooer.

Not that I’ve used it much cos the TBM930 keeps CTDing the whole sim here after only a few minutes of flight. All the other planes I fly don’t do that - C172 G1000 and FBW-A320 Experimental mostly.