After updating to W11, menu performance is awful and my power isn't being used - except for when the window is unfocused

Hello everyone, just started using the forums, glad to be here.
I’m encountering a peculiar issue after updating to Windows 11.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5800X 8c/16t @4.5GHZ
Ram: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3200
Boot SSD (MSStore app game installation drive): TEAMGroup MP33 PRO 1TB NVMe
Game SSD (Packages installation drive): Intel 660p M.2-2280 1TB NVMe
Windows 11 Pro build 22000.194.

Here is the kind of performance I am getting when I’m focused on the window: I’m getting less than 30 fps, only one of my CPU threads are being used and my GPU is hardly being used at all, only in small spikes.

And here’s what my performance looks like when I click on my desktop. Perfect 144FPS, CPU and GPU usage has gone up significantly and my fans are now running.

This kind of performance is not only affecting the smoothness of the menu, but creates an issue to a point where it lags trying to select anything on the menu, and most of my clicks aren’t registered, making it very hard to navigate anywhere. I do not have this performance issue when flying. Maxed settings 55FPS on San Fran discovery flight.

Here’s the command line I use to open the sim:
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App /High "-FastLaunch"

I am using dev mode to measure my FPS, but haven’t made any other changes.

I do not have any addons, just the regular standard edition MS Store game with all free content installed from the marketplace including all world updates.

I’ve already attempted to uninstall and reinstall the app, but to Hell with waiting days to redownload the packages.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @ShotgunStev3, and welcome to the forums!

I’ve moved your topic to #self-service:pc-hardware as Windows 11 isn’t in full public release or has only just been publicly released, and isn’t officially supported by MSFS yet, so it’s not technically a current bug report.


I noticed you’re running in Windowed mode. Does it happen in full screen mode as well?

Not sure about the moderator comment on Windows 11 not being in full public release.
I thought it was released on the 5th of October?

As for your performance Issues, have you tried reinstalling the latest AMD chipset drivers and then restarting your PC, then reinstall your graphics drivers and restart PC again.

Then check your power plan settings, Hags etc… as mine got turned off after the win 11 upgrade.

@XTCQuinn good point, forgot that had happened in the last few days. Thanks for correcting :+1:

Yes it does, in fact it gets even worse in full screen mode at 2560x1440, dropping the FPS down to 11 and making all menu items unselectable.

So far I’ve been tweaking settings and found that adjusting the FPS cap to 20 FPS actually caps it to 48FPS, but it still is laggy when focused, hitting 48FPS when unfocused. Still shows the GPU is the limiting factor.

Maybe because of the AMD bug with Win11?

I’m running an 8 core AMD CPU and haven’t noticed any performance problems. In fact it seems to be running better for me.

And even in the worse case listed there it’s about 10% so that wouldn’t account for his reported fps drop.


I haven’t made the move to Win11 yet, this AMD bug turned me off moving to it and I’ll wait till a patch is released. Not sure what it could be then.

FWIW, I had something similar happen to me a while back when I was switching between different monitors. This setting in the nvidia control panel ended up being the culprit:


Even though I wasn’t running windowed, messing with these G-Sync settings eventually eliminated the huge FPS drop when the sim had the focus. Hope this helps. Good luck.

This makes sense as this is “windowed full-screen” as in, when in a full DX full-screen mode alt+tab will get you blackscreen locked process which is not good with flight sims in general.

Wow, I had no idea about this. Thanks for sharing!!

Yes. My BIOS was updated on the 6th and then I installed Windows 11 on the 7th. There was a Windows 11 GeForce driver update which I did a clean install of and then restarted, no changes.

I will definitely try this out when I get home, because I do remember setting it to full screen and windowed. (Even though the problems persist in full screen mode)

Although the Bios update may have been required as well, I meant the AMD motherboard chipset drivers, you can download them from the AMD website for your chipset version. This is not the same as the BIOS

Is that the official position of MS/Asobo on Windows 11? Should users refrain from installing W11? Many users will be prompted to install W11 the coming months, what should these users do?

The moderator retracted his comment after I posted.

I don’t think Windows 11 will be a problem for most people as long as they meet the requirements and take precautions to back everything up before they make the switch.

Personally I’m finding it fine, and so far for MSFS marginally better than Windows 10 .

I suggest you stay far away from Windows 11, it’s still Beta imo. The GUI is a horrific mess still, parts of the legacy GUI pop up still, like they rushed it. Not to mention the new start menu is junk, my iPhone can show more icons then Windows 11 and I have a 49” screen!!! Not to mention I can t even add games to my taskbar now. I used probably the mister tested feature after about 5 minutes on Windows 11, the rollback function, it works great and is super quick!!! I highly suggest people hold off on Windows 11… at this rate might want to wait for 12…

If you can or want to test something, please try this:

Load up the FBW A320 Dev model. Then, put the plane on a gate and note your FPS. Then, pop out the FBW flypad window (press left alt key and click on the flypad), does your FPS go up? Also, after popping it out, minmize the flypad, does your FPS stay higher than it was before, even with the flypad now minimised to a small block? Just want to see if that does anything for you.

Greetings Pilots! I found a solution for this, I believe it’s related to windows 11’s Game DVR.

Just few registry edits and disabling it fixed all issues for it.

How to do? Follow steps mentioned in Solution 1 mentioned here:

I was playing Age of Empries 4 last night and had same issue, super low FPS and stuttering when OS am focused the game (with very low GPU usage) and high FPS and high GPU usage when game window is not focsed. I realized that it’s not just flight sim or drivers issue but it’s just windows 11 issue.

I hope it works for everyone :slight_smile: , Smooth landings!