After World Update UK, what will be the next region?

I wish you make a World Update EUROPE :slight_smile:
Cant wait


Hopefully Australia.


Please! Italy

I don’t think Europe will happen as a single update, it’s too big and too diverse for the update to make a difference. I would be happy for a Germany or Italy to get some love. Personally on a global scale I would like to see New Zealand or India included in the next World Update.

I wish Spain and Portugal !!

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Caribbean would be pretty amazing. Switzerland? Greece and its Islands perhaps? Wow - there are so many great places!!!

How about something different for a change?


Greenland and Iceland !

I hope it’s China

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+1; Polar update would be cool, to fix the wacky terrain mesh over there.


God no! We need something different and under-represented like the Middle East or south east Asia.

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Caribbean or Latin America

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From memory, in the Devs Q&A following the release of both previous world updates (Japan & USA) the next world update was announced. Maybe we will get this information soon- but I am only guessing here and have no inside knowledge on the issue.

Thailand or Korea would be my vote…

I hope it is Republic of Kiribati. Many MSFS fans love this place :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed for Australia.

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Hi all, Sombody are thinking about the msfs team follow this list of As you can see from my screenshot they’ve done the USA and UK, because are the scenery most edit.

So i guess next update eill be FRANCE and then GERMANY, SPAN, ecc…


Ok so World Update PORTUGAL :smiley:


I’m sure we would all wish that the areas we like to fly in are the next on the list.
The reality is it’s not decided by criteria like which country has the most simmers or the most population or is currently not rendered in the best detail etc…

The limiting factor is the availability of the data i.e. do they have better DEM data for that region, more photgrammetry data etc…

Seems a bit daft making a forum topic where everyone comes on and pleads for their preferred area. You will get what they have data for.

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