AI Aircraft Control Issues

General issues/bugs with the included AI Control.

One of my favorite features is the AI Control, Especially because the generic autopilot is not very advanced it’s nice to just sit back and relax and watch the world go by. However, I have seen some general issues with the AI.

1). It hates flaring on T/D.
2). It really likes the grass on either side of the runway.
3). It aims for more of a shallow take off than a steeper more realistic climb-out.
4). As far as I can tell it is the same type of flying for each aircraft not really changing based on the type of aircraft.
5). It’s turns to final are either too large or too small and never end up lining up with the runway.
6). It taxis too slowly on the runway after landing and takes long to exit.
7). The AI really really likes to overspeed the aircraft. Lets say the Cessna Citation CJ4’s Vne is 296kts IAS, the AI likes to cruise at 435~ish IAS.
7a). The AI has no regard for the 10,000ft 250kt speed limit.

Kind of off topic:
I really hope this AI learns off of the simmers flying because that is awesome and I look forward to seeing it improve.