AI = Artificial Ignorance?

When starting a flight, it would be nice if the AI running ground traffic could be advised that a plane is about to spawn here and not start a vehicle in the same spot…


In most cases where companies talk about “AI” they don’t mean “AI” but just didn’t want to say “old boring algorithms”.

It has become a marketing bs acronym without anything that it really stands for.

But in case of the ground traffic, nobody said it was AI (opposed to AI aircraft traffic), they just randomly move around the taxiways, doing 180ies all the time etc. There is no sign of intelligence there.


This might be a perfect place to ask why the vehicular traffic even comes close to the airports…
It’s one thing to have to dodge legitimate airport traffic - the fork lifts, buses, and service trucks that drive around - those are fine…well maybe not the forklift
But WHY do the street traffic patterns include the airport ramps in so many cases?
Even the traffic that runs along the airport frontage roads is distracting, as it often drives through the roads submerged to the windows or as stated above does UAP 180 deg reversals. Very off putting.
There should be traffic exclusion zones around the airfields. Traffic looks great cruising through the towns and on the highways - it doesn’t need to be adjacent to the airport - or worse - cutting through the airplane parking areas, ramps and even crossing the runway

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“Help me step-airplane, I’m stuck.”

Ground “AI” and airports in general are on AIGs list that we would like to dicuss with MS/ASOBO for further improvment, in previous Sims it was a combination beween AI logic and the Airport Design, so for now i guess the only way for a fast improvement is to make sure airports are designed correct. Good example: Nice Airport (France Update): Vehicles are using the taxiway and not the street (markings are there) - but i guess no vehivle path was added…

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If you have ever been to Newark airport the highway runs right under the taxiway. Maybe some of the traffic took a wrong turn? I agree that normal traffic should not be on the runway. There is an airport where the highway runs right across it. See Gibraltar Airport's Runway Is Bisected by a Busy 4-Lane Highway. The ATC for that airport must be “interesting”.

I’ve not had that happen often, but it does. I was testing something with dev. mode the other day, and this involved spawning alternately with two different planes. When I first spawned in there were no other vehicles around. I went to the aircraft selector, switched planes, and as the plane spawned around me, a van spawned right on top of me also.

Later on, as I taxied off a runway, and requested taxi to parking, a truck had spawned off in the distance, and just as I approached my parking spot, turning left, it started to turn right to try to beat me there.

I still maintain this “algorithm” does this deliberately to try to create the illusion of a living, breathing airport. Except it seems far to keen on actually appearing in front of you, to the point of becoming an obstruction.

I don’t remember whether I ever tested the difference between requesting taxi clearance, and just doing it without interacting with ATC/Ground. It kind of looks like the vehicles aim to be somewhere near the chevrons showing your route, often merging with it.

Did a flight with @KevyKevTPA a few nights back. We picked our spawn points at parking spots right next to each other. Both of us spawned inside other AI planes parked on the apron. We weren’t even sure if we could see each other initially until we started our engines and moved, as the generic AI planes obscured our plane models completely.


it should not be possible to select an occupied parking space - we should either be able to see the departure airports from the selection menu (not the overview we have now but the actual airport and ramps themselves with the parked AI planes on them) or there should be an exclusion where you cannot select an occupied spot.

Oh my the title made me lol.Hope I did not wake any of the neighbors.

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I’d rather be able to select any spot I choose, then as the flight is loading, the system should know where I’m going to spawn and not add anything else to that same spot.


You’d think that’s how it SHOULD work.

Artificial Ignorance wouldn’t that mean the ignorance is not real?

AI = Absolutely Idiot :smiley::smiley:

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No, it’s real alright - it’s just not naturally occurring ignorance.

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