AI assistance toolbar missing [Solved]

It used to be possible to get assistance options like the AI copilot ATC etc from the in game pull-down. Now it’s gone. It’s great to be able to toggle this on and off as needed.

Are you talking about the AI Assistance in the toolbar?

Hello, if you click the gear :gear: icon and choose “Flight Assistant”:


You will get this additional menu option:


If you click it, you get this menu:

Is that what you are talking about?

Looks like this is something specific to the Fenix A320. It’s grayed out and you can’t select it. The Assistance options are locked to “Volocopter” ? Strange…
The option works ok on other aircraft.


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Ahh, okay. Sounds like the Fenix folks have something to investigate. In the meantime, I have marked your post as the solution and moved this to Community Support so someone else searching for an answer can benefit from this.