AI/ATC segregated runway operations at multi-runway airports

I’ve recently installed the iniBuilds EGLL (London Heathrow) and FS Traffic, with the latest update.

It’s very cool watching the planes take off and land, but what bugs the heck out of me is that they seem to be landing and taking off randomly on both runways. Many airports around the world use segregated runway operations, where you have 1 runway for all the take-offs and 1 runway for all the landings. Or 2 for each if it’s a 4 runway airport, with parallel take offs and landings. It would be great to have this happen in MSFS 2020 or 2024. I don’t know if it should be part of the scenery or part of the traffic systems, but it ought to be possible to do this.

The other thing that airports like Heathrow have is noise abatement procedures where they change runways during the day to stop neighbours having too much noise. Heathrow switches the landing/takeoff runways around at 3pm every day to give people a break. An option for this should also be added. Perhaps it could be part of the airport’s AFCAD file?

Regarding AI traffic management by the sim, I don’t think there is anything more aggravating then how the sim controls AI. There is absolutely no logic whatsoever. I understand what you are talking about. I see the same thing at LAX. Planes taxi to opposite sides of the airport to depart and use outside runways to depart and arrive. I have edited many AFCADs and sadly, you can’t get traffic to work properly doing this method. It has to be something Asobo focuses on for 2024 as a priority for traffic, but we shall see…

Yeah,the MSFS ATC is pretty bad…
On ‘my’ airport (ATC APP - 2 parallel RWYs) we change modes all the time according to traffic, WX,staffing etc.
*MPO (Mixed Parallel Oprations) landings and deps on both RWYs. Basically divides airport i two: park/depart W side → use W RWY vice versa,with exceptions… Most efficient mode usually as you can but Mediums on parallel behind hvys disregarding wake,visual apps next to parallel RWY,shorter taxiing etc.
*SPO (Segregated Parallel Ops) one RWY for deps and one for arrs (Heathrow style).
*SRO,SPOe etc

This we wont get correct unless on Vatsim or if sim could pull data from Flightradar24 etc. Right now Im happy if AI just departs in the correct direction :wink: