AI Buildings in Morocco are very tall and huge

Please fix AI buildings in Moroccan citites.
AI cities are not bad, but many very tall and very big buidings distort cities and distort the game environnement.
These very huge buidings are only in cities and appear from the sky like giant walls.
AI autogen villages, small towns, other cities houses, roads, factories are nice and acceptable.
There is no 25 floors buildings in Morocco, 99% of big building in Morocco are 10 floors.
The height of buildings in Morocco or even in North Africa is close, between one or 4 floors, or a maximum of 10 floors.
Only 1% or less of buildings exceed 20 floors.
At least make them lower in height.
I play the new Microsoft Flight Simulator but I try to avoid Moroccan cities cause of that.
It is Morocco, not Las Vegas.

Good luck

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I so agree with you.

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I am Moroccan and the first thing I did is fly over Casablanca to see the Hassan II mosque…
look at this beauty lol

Reality :

Morocco needs some love Microsoft !


One of the countries I was looking forward to finally being able to discover and explore… sad to see! :pensive:

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