AI Pilot crashing aircraft

After the update, it seems the AI Pilot likes to crash aircraft mid flight. I was flying the F18, as one example, needed to take a break, thus let the AI Pilot take over for a little bit, and a few seconds after letting the take over the F18 started spinning, rolling, and all many of craziness, and then it crashed. The AI Pilot seems to have been an issue since at least the Sept update.

Sometimes I like to let the AI fly as a background whilst I do other things, such as build my Lego models, whilst the flight is going on, but at this rate I’ll be using something else whilst the AI Pilot is more useless than me at flying (and I can’t fly to save my life IRL).

Yeah you are right… I see the same thing during AI flight.

I’ve been having the same problem since release of the aircraft.
I only have the issue with the F-18 though and both during take-off and in mid-air.

Ya please you guys need to fix the ai copilot in gernal the landing,takeoff,limeing up,flowing heading,approaching and finel please fix fix. I have baby and I also use this a lot on very long flight to mid flights please it is a must you guys fix that’s why I bought this game just for that alone and please fix for all planes even third party ones also fix the ai start from cold not all planes work or can taxi them

My AI piloted Longitude was just flown into Mt. Charleston outside of las vegas, so a piloting and ATC problem

I’ve had that same situation with the AI pilot cuz I was flying from a certain place to Tokyo next thing I know the pilot decides to bring down the landing gears at a thousand feet in the air does not fix the angle with the plane and the runway hits the gravel with the landing gears makes the plane bounce like a basketball lands in the grass instead of hitting the runway and then I tried again and the plane completely crashes it’s like the AI pilot can’t figure out how to land a Boeing 747

I am having the same issue here, as it immediately lifts the F-18 up, only to roll it right into the ground.

I contacted support and I sent them three emails and they haven’t responded back so I don’t know if they’re ever going to get back to me or if they’re just going to close the case because they claim they haven’t heard back from me yeah I don’t even think they read my messages

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