AI Pilot Flies 1000 ft. Below Target Altitude

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When using the AI Pilot to fly ILS, it is leveling off at 1000 feet below the target altitude.

For instance, if the target is FL260, it levels off and maintains FL250.

This results in endless ATC instructions to expedite a climb to FL260, which never happens.

If I take control of the aircraft and climb to the target FL, then turn the AI Pilot back on, it simply descends back down to the target FL -1000 ft.

I’m wondering if this is why we still hearing the ATC instructing various pilots (that are not us or our AI Pilot) to expedite climbs.

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Setup a low altitudes ILS flight, allow the AI Pilot to take command, observe issue when target waypoint(s) have FL-based altitudes

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Setting your altimeter to 29.92 above FL180?


Even doing the ridiculous and manually adjusting Baro to a high pressure to “fool” the altimeter into reading the correct FL doesn’t fool ATC, but it does fool the AI Pilot.

However, this is not correct or a solution.

Not sure what you’re meaning but setting altimeter to 29.92 above 18000 ft is a real world procedure. You’re the first one I’ve heard saying this is happening since this was fixed a few updates ago.

Yes, setting the Baro to Std. isn’t what I’m talking about here.

Even with it set to Std. it was still flying at an incorrect FL.

My previous post was, perhaps poorly, attempting to explain that even by entering a completely inaccurate and absurd baro level in an attempt to work around the issue, I still couldn’t get the AI to fly at the correct FL.

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