AI pronunciation of the French city of Nice

Hi, I noticed that the AI air traffic controllers pronounce the name of the city of Nice (LFMN) wrong. They pronounce it like the adjective “nice”, not like the word “niece”. I raised a zendesk ticket for it.


Noticed this as well.

Could be just an American AI traffic controller and he doesn’t know any better.


Pronunciation of Le Bourget also entertaining…

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Have a Niece Day?

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Thessaloniki’s main airport is ‘Ma-keh-don-ia’ but it says ‘Make-don-ia’ :smiley:

This has been brought up many times. I first reported it back around the end of February.


Today I decided to take a flight from Nice, France and fly up to Monte Carlo and land back in Nice. I’ve personally visited the area many times.

ATC was on and I was somewhat surprised that ATC didn’t know how to pronounce the name of the city of Nice.

They just announced it as “nice” where it should be pronounce [NEESE].

Don’t know if Microsoft or Asobo did the pronunciation, but seeing what a great job has been done in Flight Simulator, it would be nice if ATC pronounce “Nice” properly.

Nice is in the heart of the French Riviera, one of the nicest places on earth and what a shame for ATC to mispronounce it :frowning:

But I still love FS and will still fly around Neese :slight_smile:

What’s even more comical, is Asobo is a French company :laughing:

Joking aside, there is not much you can do with automated text to speech voices. The only way to correct it would be to have voice actors read scripts for the ATC. While that would be awesome, it is unrealistic given the many different commands they would need to give you specific to each different airport.

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Today the ATC was telling me to contact F.T. Worth.

I’m on RTW in an XCub. I was just thru the area. It was Nice.

Yes, Neese is nice :slight_smile:

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I know, I was just kidding. I didn’t really expect a fix. Sorry to cause commotion and confusion

I can’t even tell you the number of times my car GPS mispronounces street names.

But Asobo may not be too happy that we are messing up their city names :joy:

I’ll have to go visit them the next time I’m in France and apologize.

I’ve been in the area quite a few times and why I know how to pronounce it right.

It pronounces wind as ‘wined’ for ATIS too.

I was just mentioning it casually and kidding and not thinking about a fix. However, I see that others have made similar comments about different pronunciations.

I will vote for this, but to me this is a very low priority item and something to do when Microsoft and Asobo run out of other important things to do. Or if it annoys someone enough to want to fix it.

So, ATC should have the functionality to use Phonetic Pronunciation for city names and other possible data.

Of course different countries use different pronunciations, but English is the official language for ATC worldwide, so English pronunciations should be used.

But keep in mind, not to use the Queen’s English, after all the airplane and flight was invented in the USA, so we need to use USA English pronunciation :slight_smile:

Most of us know the difference in the American and British pronunciation of the word schedule. I have a lot of British friends and I love their accents. So please don’t gang up on me for saying it should be American/USA pronunciation.

I am pretty sure that if you change the tts entry to the phonetic pronunciation it will work. I changed all instances of Ft to Fort as an example (to get rid of the Eff Tee Worth Center). I haven’t tried yet to change Nice to Nees or Niece to see if it will work, but I’d wager it will. I’ll try tomorrow and report back.

The only downside is that with every new update they overwrite the fsbase files so I have to go back and do it after each update, but it basically takes a few seconds using the Replace All feature in Notepad++.

I’ll let you know.

So, yeah, it worked. If you change the “Nice” tts entry in the language file to “Niece”, ATC sounds as it should. Don’t change the text line, as that sets how it looks on the screen in the ATC window.

Can you share the name and possible location of that file? I’ve googled it and searched my file system, but not finding it. Thanks!

Sure. I don’t have access to the file system at the moment (flying on that PC) but if you navigate to your official store folder (called OneStore in the same location as your Community folder assuming you aren’t using Steam, in which case I don’t know for sure), inside there is a folder called fs-base.

In that folder, you’ll find a file called en-US.locPak. Open (using Notepad++ or your favorite text editor).

Inside, you’ll find a couple of lines that refer to Nice (just search). One is a line referring to a text entry (which addressed the way it appears in the ATC window; the other refers to a tts entry. Edit the tts line to say “Niece” and it should do the trick.

You’ll have to rinse/repeat after every major update because they overwrite that file. Same can be done to get rid of Ft being pronounced as Eff Tee instead of Fort, etc. Essentially tts recognizes the phonetics like Siri or your vehicle’s GPS.

Here’s my original post for reference (different issue but same principle):

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Not a big issue for me personally but it’s quite amusing when Asobo is from France.

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