AI Real Traffic

Hello everyone, I found something cool here. With this you can project real traffic in your sim. Download these 3 programs. Scroll down there you will find betas for MSFS

You have to download this MOD too

follow the instructions

You also have to download Realtraffic. But this program is chargeable.

If you do everything right you will see the real traffic in your sim.

I love it

you can either use the mod with MSFS realtraffic but then you don’t have all the air traffic in the sim or you do it like me and use the realtraffic program then you really have all the air traffic.

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been looking for something like this… does it use real liveries?

Does this work on Xbox

yes it does. it’s not perfect yet, but I think 85% of the time it works.

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will give it a go, thanks for the heads up!

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sory I don’t know. Only use it on PC

Ohhh, it gives you the option to have real traffic in the game anyway so what’s the difference?

the difference is that the real traffic from msfs is not complete. But if you also download the realtraffic program and use the mod, you have every plane 1 to 1 in the sim.

What do you mean by not complete? So they have the feature added but it doesn’t properly work?
Would you suggest just adding AI into it.
Thanks for explaining

So I once tested it with the realtraffic option from MSFS and, for example, only saw a few planes in Chicago KORD then I tested it with the Realtrafic program and the airport was full of planes. I think the stream from Realtraffic and not directly from MSFS is more accurate and directly streams all planes that are currently on their way

Sweet Thankyou. I think I’ll just stick with AI traffic then!

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