AI Recommendations?

Stepped away from MSFS for about 8 months. I was using FS Traffic but found the lack of any GA traffic and any other traffic at other than intended departure/destination to be lacking. As I was cruising over the DFW Class B tonight, there was absolutely no traffic. Unsat. I’ve used AIG in the past.
Haven’t tried FSTL yet. What’s the latest/greatest?

Thanks in advance.

I wish I could help.

I have used AIG and seen plenty of AC but stopped using it because it had quite a performance impact on my fps. This is after reducing AC textures to 2k. It also takes quite a long time to load up too on my PC.

I have also used FSLTL which for me does not affect fps as much as AIG but gives me hardly any traffic at night (understandable since it is ‘live’)

I am currently using Simple Traffic with AI settings offline and the traffic slider at 40. The fps is fine but I never see any traffic in the Sky. Not sure what I am doing wrong here tbh.

As far as FS Traffic is concerned I have not bought it yet. I am waiting for them to include GA traffic. When/if they do then I will no doubt try this too.

PS Just learnt that AIG have come up with an update. Try that maybe ?

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