AI traffic disappear after landing in SABE

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No. Using SABE from CentralSim add on, bought in sim marketplace. I used Dev mode to see debug airport and found it has available park spaces and they’re connected to taxi paths.

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AI Traffic disappear after landed and right before start taxi to leave runway

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Uploaded a small video. Some available parking spaces can be seen at the end.

ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)


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Just observe ai or real life traffic land at airport

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not relevant

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The same thing happens at TFFF although I have tropicalsim scenery installed

You may want to contact Tropicalsim about the issue.

I uninstalled the add on airport and tried again using default SABE airport and had the same disappearing issue.

If runway, taxiway and parking spots are all connected than one additional issue could be that the parking spots are too small for the generic aircraft. Maybe the wingspan is too wide for the spot. If you know how you could try to reduce the wingspan value of the generics and see what happens.


I changed the radius of some gates using the sdk, it took me time to learn but now the planes dosn’t disapear anymore, thank you

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Happened to me yesterday in LEIB (Ibiza), stock airport, WU9 (I am not on the beta).
After landing and parking my A320 I took the drone for some plane spotting. Three planes landed almost in a row, the first one taxied to gates, the other two just despawned at the runway exit, before taxi.
Maybe all gates were full, I did not check that, but there would still be place for planes at the apron.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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it also happens to departing flights; no taxing and taking off, just jump to into the air

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Hi Cyril! Thank you!! Would you mind sharing the modified file?? Its quite annoying to have all those airplanes parked in the Hangar area… Thanks!! Rafael

Good morning
Can you tell us how you did so that the planes do not disappear and arrive at their gates please or just let us know the modified file for TFFF, TFFR and others, it would be very nice of you