AI traffic has gone completely crazy!

Too bad, I wasted a lot of time on it and now I can only hope they fix it.

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Are you sure that is not the multiplayer airplanes?

An off topic question but what causes this “dragging” glitch, one you can see on the screenshots? I noticed it a lot when moving the drone camera.

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I have seen this a few times - mainly around Reno Stead, the commercial jets flying forward in a tail stand or cartwheeling. Multiplayer switched off on my end as I never use it.

The nameplate shows you that it is AI traffic. I have seen some wild AI stunts at airports like KLAX.

Its pretty much to the point now where its almost better to have no ai traffic. Since SU5, its been nothing but trouble for me and tons of others. AI traffic was suppose to be on the key features this sim has over other sims, but it has turned out to be a complete dud…


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I’m just happy that they’re there… I turn off the nameplates so I don’t get distracted looking at them. So whatever bug they have, I just ignore it.

If you are bothered by real AI traffic you can simply disable it:
General Option => Traffic => Aircraft Traffic Type by putting Off.

Real AI traffic is an option that has always been very popular with SIMs because it helps make simulation more engaging, obviously when it works correctly.

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Unfortunate consequence of TAA.


I’m not bothered by Live traffic… because I disabled the name plates. But I do like having them around. Moving around the airports, and filling up the ATC chatter. I’m bothered when I see the name plates, because they break immersion for having floating text up in the air. That’s why I just disabled the name plate, and let the Live traffic render with their matching liveries.

I don’t have name plates on either, but when planes are zooming over the runway or doing flips on approach, it kinda is hard to know what they are doing other than what they are suppose to be doing. It’s taken me several hours going through all the FLTSIM entries and fix all the issues that are in the ivao folder.

Yeah, i’ve seen that and other AI craziness.

Maybe it’s learning and has moved from acrobatics to synchronized landing:

I dont get it why some say in such a casual way words to the effect of ‘‘just turn it off’’. People have paid for this product and expect a major part of it to work, yes ?
I have Live traffic on and its okay, Apart from the odd disappearance and the frequent zipping around of plane symbols on the Nav map.
On a side note, i would have loved a chart/map to be available of the area one is flying over, whereby one can actually know the area / town / city theyre flying over. I would hate to use those stupid lollipops sticking up over where im flying, pinpointing places. I would rather not know where i am. Very unrealistic