Ai Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Thread

only hope for them is that ASOBOs fixes the issues. Developing a fully stand alone AI addon for XBOX might take some years, if it is eaven possible.

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Just looking over some old P3D screenshots and how much further ahead the FSX ai traffic was to MSFS . It really adds immersion that you can’t offline or even with Vatsim sometimes, when Vatsim’s dead somedays, it would be nice to fly with traffic and not fly in an empty world.

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I have spoken with a colleague that I had not seen since 2012 and I asked him what do you think of the new MSFS? and without saying a word he told me a very descriptive one that I don’t want to mention… he said, the MSFS to be better than XP and P3D has to be redesigned from 0 (ZERO) since in the default airports of FSX and P3D it did NOT happen the next. How is it possible that in an airport in South and Central America there is an ATR or an A320, or a DASH for example from ASIA, Europe even from Australia, please, that is not logical. As my colleague told me, MSFS must be redesigned by people who really know absolutely everything about the aeronautical field and systems engineers, programmers and digital designers must also be coordinated by those who really know about REAL AERONAUTICS OF THE REAL WORLD and not by guys who believe know and the truth is they don’t know anything… they were harsh words but he is partly right


I’ve lost my belief, that this will be ever fixed …

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We’ve been dancing around this subject for over 2 years now and nothing is even being attempted to be addressed. They’re fixing everything and anything, but not the AI or the ATC. I wish they focused on a glaring issue here. How much longer do we have to wait for this? Throw us a bone, Jesus.