Ai Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Thread

I have no idea where to put this or if it is even remotely useful. Mods can decide what to do with it!

In the known issues post I dont see anything about AI traffic behaviour. this is worrisome because Ai traffic is utterly broken in many regards. I thought it might be handy to compile a list of fixes and wishes.

Please dont discuss Ai traffic and its merits here: just compile things that we want to see fixed. Thanks.

If it is deemed worthwhile and the thread has any merit I will collate the fixes and wishes here in this opening post.

Just to get the ball rolling:

  1. AI traffic do not flare or landing or, as fars as I can, tell use reverse thrust or anything to land.

  2. AI take far too long to vacate the runway so that even when there is quite realsitic separation, too many planes have to go around

  3. AI do not use SIDS or STARS: an AI plane on go around will quite happily buzz the airport or cross over active runways at low altitudes.

  4. Sometimes AI will take -off at illogical runways and then proceed to circle over the airport numerous times: the same in regards to go arounds. I have watched KL1584 circle the airport at least 14 times and still going!

  5. A GA aircraft will fly in despite it being classed as an airliner.

  6. There is a disbalance between departure and arrival heavily biased towards arrivals.

  7. The AI traffic is not representative of real life traffic both in terms of time and quantity.

  8. Realistic liveries and plane types for AI Aircraft representing their RL counterpart.

  9. Better integration of AI traffic movements at the start-up of the flight: now you have to wait a considerable time before anything, and mostly very little happens.

  10. Update and fine-tuning of the source data and integration there-of.

  11. Departure and arrival board or some way of knowing that information.

  12. Abiltiy to edit flights, gates et cetera.

  13. Lights too dim on AI planes.

  14. Planes spawn unrealistically

  15. SDK for AI traffic implementation

  16. Repaint possibilities

  17. Representation of all aircraft models.

As mentioned here, AI on the ground needs to spawn the correct aircraft and airlines instead of 100% random liveries resulting in 100% illogical airlines at an airport they’d never visit.

Agreed to the rest.


Ideally when we boot the sim and pick out departure airport, it should interrogate live traffic, work out what is departing when, put those aircraft with the correct liveries onto parking on the aprons, work out what is arriving and put those in flight at an appropriate distance from the airport then start the overhead shot of the runway with the Fly Now yellow button in the corner. That is what AI add on programs do in other sims and the only difference is that they use old flight schedules rather than live ones but the principal is identical.


AI traffic should run off of ADS-B instead of their source

If there are more issues people would like to
Place here then feel welcome!

I have had issues in LEMD and KLAX where the live traffic AI planes will take off and climb to about 1,000 feet before starting to descend to about 500 feet as they make a loop back around towards the airport. Then they start to climb again as the fly over the airport.

It happens a lot when the live weather has the wind in the opposite direction of how the real world traffic in Flightradar 24 is actually flowing. I’m not sure what causes the mix up, but yesterday I was at KLAX in MSFS,and the live weather had reverse runway ops (taking off to the East) while Flightradar 24 had the normal traffic pattern of planes departing to the West.

So maybe the disagreement between the real world weather data and real world flight data is causing some screwy AI traffic behavior.

Anyone else seen this issue?


Yes I have seen this behavior too: perhaps the weather fixes might Improve AI traffic.

Here is my wish list for AI traffic:

  • All planes are of type GEN
  • Large airliners sometimes show up as small generic planes
  • Sometimes there’s no AI aircraft at all. After a restart at the airport it suddenly works
  • Lots of aircraft on FlightAware are not shown in sim. Looks like only 10%.
  • Please add more AI models, B737, B777 etc, etc.
  • Planes spawn in about 10 minutes before departure, resulting in empty gates and ramps. The ground aircraft slider is not an option, dum*y aircraft that are not the same for everyone, so other players can park at the same spot. Solution: FlightAware knows what aircraft is on the ground, let these spawn at the gates/ramp. Or let aircraft spawn 2-3 hours before departure.
  • Landing lights are too dim. They should be visible in the distance on a bright day. You only can see the navigation and strobe lights in the distance.
  • After landing, planes taxi much too slow and don’t take the nearest exit from the runway, resulting in many go-arounds.
  • AI planes at the gate should always get the full service, airways, external power, baggage, fuel etc. (I’ve seen this a couple of times working after arrival). Also before departure.


  • Like in FSX, Company’s having their own assigned parking sections.

I also would like to see all of the points in MaVe1628’s wish list addressed by the developers as future updates are rolled out. I don’t expect everything at once, but I do want to see these changes made to the sim.

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The live traffic landing at airports does not flare either, and upon landing, the aircraft remains on the runway for maybe 5 seconds and then disappears. The FSX/FS2004 mechanics regarding AI traffic worked better than FS2020.


Thanks for the contributions and I have added what i could to the main list.

another thing that should be fixed is the ai traffic interaction with he atc many time when you are flying you hear that atc tell to ai traffic you are 10000 higher than your assigned altitude when they are on cruise altitude


AI Taxi bug @Aberdeen, Scotland


While the attempt at live traffic is laudable, a methodology for inserting 3rd party offine traffic would be incredible helpful.

In other words, Asobo needs to talk to the folks over at Alpha India Group.


Fully agree. AIG are the AI best experts. Also SDK for AI is badly needed.


Its really strange how the Live Traffic suddenly cuts out: starting up at EHAM and see there are about 9 planes following STARS to the airport…3 minutes in they just all dissapear and dont return. Must be a server issue. I do hope it gets sorted. For many AI might not be an essential part of their flying. Personaly I cant do without.


For me, live traffic is useless. I usually get to fly in the evening when everyone is in bed, but I like flying in daylight, because I usually fly in the Caribbean or other tropical environments.

Realistic offline traffic is the way to go, and once you fly with something like AIG, the sim looks dead without it.


I hope that Microsoft/Asobo will provide “AI traffic SDK” with possibility to control AI aircraft by 3rd party ATC programs. I think it will solve AI behaviour problems.


The sim comes alive with quality ai traffic…have been simming for almost 30 years. Have seen ai programs come and go but the guys at AIG know there stuff and are the BEST at everything they do…
DON"T short change your simulator family.


Yeah but the liveries are wrong so however good the AI is supposed to be it wont match up to Traffic Global or World Traffic 3, both very good AI programs but no versions for FS sadly.