AI Traffic not appearing

I do not see any traffic at the airports / in the sky…additionally, liveries on few airplanes standing at gates at airports are not-existant (just white and green or orange but no “real” cliveries)…I’ve seen others have the same issue…any idea on how to sort this issue?

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I think this thread will answer your needs: Master A320Neo Livery List

Not really…main issue is that there’s no traffic around (nor in the sky or at the airports), besides the livery issues…

Ai traffic is just a mess right now. Even if you do get traffic, you will see these fictional liveries which just kills the immersion. I know there are ai liveries addons out there but then again they don’t sync with the real world data so no use. I hope a fix is coming soon since the devs mentioned they literally contacted every airline for liveries.

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I tried (offline) traffic, and I never saw any aircraft departing/taxing/arriving/landing. None. Never.
I would like to see more replies about anyone using offline AI.
Seems its not working. (Not talking about multiplayer aircrafts)

Everything is a mess right now. The publisher and developer should not be charging the prices that they are for their product.