AI Traffic Products

Simply put, is there any free or payware ai traffic products on the horizon? I have seen a couple pop up on .to but AIG swiftly ended them and the aerosoft’s 1st attempt has been canned, so anymore, maybe by AIG themselves? Thanks

If you do a search for AIG on this forum you’ll come across a thread started by AIG about their upcoming product for MSFS hopefully Q4 2021.


Thank you, decent AI is really needed so this is a massive release

Tell me about it, I’m tired of seeing brightly coloured
hybrid fictional aircraft about. I used AIG with P3DV5 and I really miss it in this sim.


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I made some flight plans, using the AIFP tool and even got very positive results.
With the latest MSFS update things went down a bit.
Aircraft no longer leave at the specified time.
The curious thing is that when I set the simulator’s time exactly at the time of the aircraft’s departure or two to three minutes later, the aircraft comes to life and finally leaves the gate towards the taxi and take-off.
What might be happening after all. Any bugs in the simulator’s timing engine? I am using FSUIPC. Will it be? The curious thing is that before this last update, on 07/30/2021, the aircraft left their respective gates exactly at the time programmed in the AIFP software.