AIG AI Manager and Traffic Controller for MSFS

We need to remove or rename something in MSFS directory before today’s update?

What is your traffic level set to? Try turning it down to 30-40% and see if that makes a difference. The mod is heavy on CPU and this will affect your FPS.

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AIG works well with Flybywire EXP TCAS (TA & TA/RA) and well with RealTraffic + PSX combinaison.

I dont use the Traffic Controller. I run this tool only for the multiplayer in MSFS, but also with ground aircraft density set to 0 there are still performance issues…

FBW TCAS wasn’t showing any planes at all for me on the nav display. I could see them on the AIG Traffic Controller map and see them fly past me.

I closed Traffic Controller and turned on Real-Time traffic in the MSFS options and then I could see planes on the nav display.

So I think FBW TCAS doesn’t show AIG injected traffic.

Ok, in that case your LOD may be set too high, you can try this method to improve your performance…

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With latest update of FBW experimental I’m able to see AIG traffic offline on ND with TCAS enabled.
Maybe FBW team made some changes on TCAS with new today’s update.

I’ve got latest experimental FBW and TCAS was on and set to ALL but didn’t see AIG traffic on the ND so something might be wrong with my setup.
When I closed AIGTC and started Real-time online traffic, then I did see planes on the ND.
I’ll try it again tomorrow.

I only saw one aircraft airborne just after taking off from LEPA.

Is the a way I can link another airplane model to a flight plan.
I fly out off and around TNCM and the main small airlines around that area are winair and st barths commuter. Both of these have flight plans and time tables in AI Manager but no models so they don’t show up. St barths use caravans and win air use the twin otter. I was wondering if I could link the bn islander to them for now until the models are available

Hello everyone,

I know it’s not AIG related but MSFS AI Traffic. I know it’s been talked over many times but we are still experiencing the issue that the AI Traffic does not vacate runway fast. I opened a topic in the bugs section and would be great if you could participate in it.

I have a problem that sometimes it appears that a parked AI plane has multiple liveries switching between them periodically every few seconds.
Does anybody know how to fix it?
MSFS traffic is turned off completely, so it’s not the case.
I tried to run the verify process in the AI Manager, but it does not help.

Happens with me as well, have the traffic off as well.

It sounds like what you’re seeing is two planes parked in the same spot. I’d guess it’s an airport that doesn’t have enough parking spots for the traffic it handles in real life, and AIG is doubling up. Just a theory…

Apologies for keeping posting my questions in this thread. But can anyone tell me please what happens in each one of those scenarios?

My goal is to see real-time live traffic while taking advantage of all the beautiful liveries in AIG.

Scenario 1: AIGTC launched, Traffic type in sim set to OFF, Ground traffic density in sim set to 0

Scenario 2: AIGTC launched, Traffic type in sim set to Real-time Online, Ground traffic density in sim set to 0

Scenario 3: AIGTC Launched, Traffic type in sim set to AI Offline, Ground traffic density in sim set to 0

Scenario 4: NO AIGTC, Traffic type in sim set to Real-time online, Ground traffic density in sim set to 100

Scenario 5: No AIGTC, Traffic type in sim set to AI Offline, Ground traffic density in sim set to 100

Obviously, with AI offline, i won’t be seeing any live traffic, but i still included that scenario because i’m curious to know how will that interact with AIG even if AIGTC is not launched.

Thank you very much!

Lets say your TC i set to inject traffic automatically after start.

S1: You will see offline traffic provided by the TC based on the AIG flight plan’s.

S2: You will see offline traffic from the TC and the real-time traffic mixed together. The real-time traffic will not use the AIG models and liveries.

S3: If the MSFS traffic file is disabled (by the manager / AIM) it’s the same like S1.

S4: You will only see real-time traffic, every parking spot will have an aircraft (100 is a bit overkill) and the aircraft won’t be AIG models.

S5: Zero traffic if the MSFS traffic file is disabled.

The important part is that if you want to use the AIG models and liveries for real-time traffic you need turn on the use of generic models for AI traffic via the MSFS traffic settings.

Remember that real-time traffic is still not departing.


Thank you for the breakdown! Oh i thought generic models should be off at all costs while using AIG. Interesting. Bummer that real-time traffic does not depart.

So i guess i’ll stick with S1 or…use S2 with generic models ON (even though i hate doing that because i also want to see other players liveries). Would that be correct?

That is correct. You can also use AIG models for multiplayer by turning on the use of generic models for multiplayer. You will see other players flying in AIG models.

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Gotcha! Yes but still can’t see any GA liveries they’re flying right? I’ll just stick with S1! Thank you!

If the other players would use GA you would see the generic Asobo models. You could fix that by setting all GA in your game (like the TBM) to be generic but you would still not see their individual liveries.

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