AIG and FSLTL in same community folder

Sorry if this is the wrong place to this but I have always had AIG and FSLTL in the same folder
Ie: community
Since SU12 and updates to AIG I have been having terrible fps on ground and couldn’t figure out why
Now I know , apparently whilst using either program , I normally use FSLTL my fps would start at 60 fps and then going down slowly after 5 minutes sat at gate to 10fps, this has never happened in SU11 , so after much head scratching I realised that although I only started the FSLTL injector apparently it also uses AIG
Software in effect both are running.
Now I know that FSLTL uses AIG models if it can’t find an A380 for example , but I have has to completely move AIG to a back up file
Now my fps is constant 60fps
I have no idea what changed this , but if anyone is having bad fps in SU12 then this may be the reason
Has anyone experienced such degradation with SU12 with both AI in your community folder even though you obviously are only used by one AI program whether it’s FSLTL or AIG?

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