Air Force One on Tarmac

Had no idea that MSFS 2020 put Air Force One on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews!

Easter Egg?

What does Easter egg mean?

An Easter egg is a bit of hidden content in a piece of entertainment media or a computer program Oftentimes it takes the form of a little shoutout, inside joke, or other reference.

For example, Pixar Animation Studios has been known to put the code A113 in their films, in a shoutout to the character animation classroom number at CalArts, which a lot of their senior staff attended.

Here in FS2020, the presence of the VC-25 at Andrews is a fun little discoverable for players to find, much in the same way as a literal Easter egg is.


Another example is the Asobo Studios building in Bordeaux. Skip to about two minutes…

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