Air Hauler 2 adjusting cargo job prices?

Hi, I like Air Hauler 2 in general, but there is one thing that bugs me so much that it keeps me off using it.

The cargo job prices are way to high, completely out of proportion. I mean standard trips are like $30.000 for carrying 1 ton of cargo for like 150nm. But there are also some jobs available that pay like $300.000 for a two hour flight with a caravan. I guess some casual player may like it to make a million within a day, but I rather prefer realistic price challenge. On top of that, the passenger flight prices are well within realistic range, ~25 times less payment with same plane for same distance. So as a consequence, there is really no any reason to do passenger flights at all. Why bother doing 25 passenger trips, if you can earn same money with just one cargo job?

Unfortunately it seems you cannot adjust the pricing policy. I was thinking of trying to hack it somehow for ultimate challenging experience with cargo too, and not only with passengers. Anyone have an idea or knows by chance how to adjust cargo job prices? Just dividing it by a factor of 25 would make sense to me and make it about matching the payouts for passenger flights.

I actually found a solution.
AirHauler 2 is holding all data in SQLlight .db files, which can be edited using free portable sql light editor which can be looked up on the internet. Using this tool it is possible to edit the save file and change the base fee for each fright type. All fees can be changed by a factor with one simple SQL command. If anyone interested drop me a line and ill explain the details.

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Oh nice. I might come back to this, as id like to adjust airplane prices sometimes, where the imported ones dont fit.

I have looked quickly over the data, this should be possible as well. There is a table holding the information about imported planes.

Btw. its also possible to give yourself certain type rating without having to do that silly type rating flight.

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yea changing the prices for planes on the market place is a valid case too.
I have yesterday imported the new AN-2 and Airhauler extimated its price to 2,5 Million OMG! Ive looked up google for the prices of AN-2, they are between $25.000 and $130.000, no anywhere close.

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Yep, thats what im Talking bout :slight_smile: cool that u found a solution to fix that!

As I was asked per private messages here are more detailed instructions:

I have used this tool

I suggest the portable version.

AirHauler stores all data in files that end with .db, these are sql light databeses. You can edit the data with the SQLite browser directly. After editing the data you need to close the database from the main menue and confirm the confirmation dialog. Only then the changes will be saved to the db file and become effective in AH.

There are many .db files, some of them are of special interest.

  1. Your career file itself. You find it in AppProperties\Roaming\AirHauler2\career if I recall correctly im currently not on my gaming PC, definetelly find the AH folder somewhere in your AppProperties\Roaming. That file holds pretty much everything about your particular career. It has a bunch of tables. In the SQLightBrowser switch to edit data tab and then you can select the tables from a drop down box in the upper left menue. You can see all the data, which is mostly selfexplaining and edit it directly, no need for SQL knowledge.
    To change fees for each cargo type you have to look into cargotype table in the column CargoTypeFee (if I remember right). However there are plenty of records and editing them all manually one by one would be a pain. You can change them all at once though for instance multiplying each value with certain factor by chaning to “Execute SQL” tub and running this command:
    UPDATE CargoType SET CargoTypeFee = CargoTypeFee * 0.1;
    this will reduce base fee for each cargo type down to 10% of original.
    Note, this will not affect the fees for jobs that were already available in the career, but only new jobs that appear. However you can purge the jobs that already exist, there is also a table that holds them, you can just delete all records from it and you will get new jobs generated with new prices. The SQL command for deleting all rows in a table is:
    DELETE from CargoJobs;
    Note: I don’t remember what was the propper table name, I guess CargoJobs but look it up.

IF you start a new career, you can also just start without a plane and modify the cargo prices before you buy a plane, then you would have no any jobs generated before you change the prices.

  1. Alternatively in the root folder of AH installation (not in AppData) there is a database called blankplayer. I assume it is used to initialize the carrier database on creating a new career. It has also a cargotypes table. Perhaps when updating the cargo prices there, it should create a carrier already with updated prices so that it would not be required to edit the carrier file itself. However its an assumption I didn’t try this method yet.

  2. interestning is also the database static.db which is in AppProperties\Roaming\AirHauler2 (one level above carriers folder). There you can change configuration of aircraft in the marketplace for instance. Sometimes AH2 sets weird numbers when importing aircraft. Its somehow guessing the price and often overestimates it. You can lookup on the internet the actual prices for different airframes, they are often much lower then what AH assumes. So it makes sense to correct them if you whish to. Also during import of airframes AH2 makes mistakes as you can see from the data. For instance I have imported the Antonov AN-2, AH2 overestimated its price by a factor of 10! it did not set the fuel consumption and selected wrong fuel type assuming that it needs jetfuel while in reality it needs normal avgas 100. Also it has set some weight parameters wrong. So it makes sence to check the parameters in that table after import and correct if necessary before buying an imported aircraft. The import mechanism of AH has some issues obviously.

  3. If you want to give yourself a type rating for a new airframe without having to do the typerating flight, you must add a new line in the PlayerTypeRating table. Look at the records that already exist and you get an idea how to do it. You have to insert a new line using a button in the toolbar and then edit it according to other records.

  4. Company cash is in the company table. Player cash in the playertable.

Many other options are possible these are just few useful examples that I have discovered yet.


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