Air Manager Instruments sharing thread

I don’t understand why it would be doing that. Have you tried the default G1000 bezel in AM to see if it works?

Specifically what control and was it PFD or MFD. Remembering that not all the controls will work all of the time in every scenario.

When set to either PDF or MDF, the controls on the left side (autopilot buttons and ALT and HDG) work as well as the BARO knob on the right. None of the other buttons or knobs seem to communicate with MSFS, but they all move and make sounds when activated. I just can’t seem to figure out what I did wrong. :frowning:

Indeed that is weird. If you are sure you have an overlay that does not use Mobiflight events then it should work. Do you have the very latest Air Manager Plugin? If you are sure you do then you could try the connection troubleshooting steps on the Sim Innovations wiki. OS updates sure do like to break stuff that was working just fine.

Is there a new Air Manager plug-in? Not sure if I have the latest version. Thanks. I’ll try that!

The latest version is always on the wiki. It can get updated as any issues are identified and fixed. If you are ever having issues with AM it’s the first thing to check.

My version was old. I updated it and it all works perfectly. I feel like such a nob! :roll_eyes:

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Glad you got it all sorted out.

We all sometimes overlook the obvious but at least it’s now working.

For downloads and continued discussions about these instruments, please see the thread below.

@moderators, please feel free to close this thread as its purpose is now obsolete.

There is a lot of useful info here and some of you are extremely generous with your time and skills and I’m eternally grateful for so much already freely given.

I am struggling to stay afloat in this sea of technology as, even though I’m in my 5th decade of computer ownership (first computer was a TRS 80 Model 4) it’s a constant battle to keep up. I’m slowly losing the battle but not ready to give up entirely yet.

Now, the problem at hand.
I’ve just begun the dive into touch screen monitors and purchased two very inexpensive but quite nice for the price 10.1" android tablets ($49.99 ea. Computer Center). I’ve purchased the components for a DIY Knobster and as soon as I can get these two displays to cooperate I will purchase a copy of Air Manager.

That leads me to my current problem. I’ve downloaded and installed the server and clients for Spacedesk and it is working well except for two problems. The first one is annoying but I can deal with it for now but the real problem is that as soon as I connect my second tablet to the server it immediately disconnects the already connected tablet. I am in contact with Spacedesk on their support forums but I believe they are on the other side of the planet which makes communications very laggy. It takes a full day to get a response and then I reply and it’s another day for the next response.

I’m sure it has to do with the fact that these are identical tablets and I tried renaming them but to no avail. I believe it is going to take some network settings but as yet I’m unable to figure out in their documentation how to solve this problem. I know many of you are running identical panels simultaneously so if can once again tap into this wonderful source of knowledge here and get one of you fine simmers to give me some advice I would once again be eternally grateful.

Unfortunately, the panels I’m running are physical monitors, not tablets. They’re standalone 15.6" touch screens that take an HDMI connection. So unfortunately, that’s not something we have in common for our setups.

Now, I do have 2 tablets in my setup also, but they’re drastically different. One is an iPad and 1 is an Android, Spacedesk works perfectly with both. I’ve never had to dig into Spacedesk at all. It’s always just worked the way it was supposed to.

I wish I could be of more help to you for this, but I would be just as confused as you are if I was in the same situation.

Thank you for the feedback Crunch. I figured you’d be quick to respond even though no solution, I much appreciate the reply. Hopefully there are others in this thread that are running identical tablets through Spacedesk that can help. In the meantime I still have a request in on their support forums.

Similar for me I’m afraid. I only sometimes use one tablet though and it just works. Never had to delve in. I did notice a page in the settings though where you can set a manual ip address if I remember correctly. So that might be worth a play.

Turned out to be a simple fix. Simply clearing the data (as advised from their tech support) from the app on both tablets was all that was necessary to get both connected. They work like a dream now so I’m off to get a copy of Air Manager.

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Happy to hear you got it all sorted.

Yeah, thanks Crunch. Once I get some familiarization with AM I should be posting over in your other thread “Simstrumentation”. Great thing you and your partners are doing over there and the benefit to our community is immeasurable.

AM is a great tool. It’s been around for a long time, and there’s a plethora of the stock instruments (both by SI and some community) for other sims. MSFS is behind, but more and more are being made MSFS compatible as time goes by. It’s going to take a while for it to catch up though.

The issue is that many of the planes in MSFS are different from those in other sims. Either they’re unique, or unique / more modern variants. While generic instruments and controls can work just fine, they don’t really “fit” the look and feel of that specific plane. In other cases, stuff just isn’t available at all, as was the case with the CJ4 that we started out with.

I’m sure a lot of people are developing their own instruments and panels for private use and never sharing them with the world. There are many valid reasons for that. They don’t want to give away their work (fair enough, that’s their right), they don’t want to be providing support for their work, the process to get stuff in the AM store can be pretty onerous , etc. We just don’t feel that we should sit on this stuff we make and hoard it for ourselves when so many others could be benefitting from it. It’s good for the community as a whole, and good for Air Manager / Sim Innovations, as it brings a flood of new people over to their software.

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Great idea.

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