Air Manager Instruments sharing thread

I use the Knobster. Invaluable as far a I’m concerned if you’re using Air Manager. All mine and Rob’s panels are fully Knobster aware (where applicable).

My layout of my 2 screens for the CJ4 is now complete. There are no more controls that I need for the time being. I’m going to look into perhaps improving the existing instruments and adding functionality if possible. The electrical panel is not quite what I’d like it to be (not to ■■■■ on Rob’s work by any means), but extra functionality via Mobiflight has been added since he built these.

But this is my layout of my 2 touch screens currently.


This is great.
What are the screens sizes?
Does each screen content a single panel?
If yes, do you intend to make them available to everybody as panels?

I have a pair of 15.6", 1080p touch monitors mounted on top of my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. That above is basically a screen shot both the screens side by side.

I guess I could export them as full panels. I may do that at some point.

If you want to see it all in action, check the video below. I didn’t have all my CJ4 instruments in place at the time as I was still working on some and working out what was the best layout for me. So the panels will look different.

Thank you I’ll take a look (also I saw above the picture of the screens mounted on the Honeycomb).

Now, since you have the Honeycomb bravo, have you tried to assign the Bravo “AP” buttons to the CJ4 AP? I guess I am trying to understand if using the honeycomb AP (via some level of configuration and adaptation) is more or less convenient than using the Air manager CJ4 AP panel along with knobster.

While I love the Honeycomb Bravo in many ways, the entire AP panel is at a terrible location and hard to get to when levers are in the upward position. Especially the mode selector on the left side. I don’t really use the Bravo’s AP much, and not at all in the CJ4. When using a G1000 plane, I’ll use the knob to adjust VS rate because it’s easier than clicking virtual nose up / nose down buttons on my screen. Ditto for older GA planes like the Carenado and Just Flight Piper planes. Otherwise, it’s pretty much unused.

Nice to put a face and voice to your posts here. Looking forward to going through your videos.

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Just subscribed to your channel. Best regards from Saskatchewan.

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Looks amazing! Great Job! Is it available to download?

If you’re asking about my instruments, scroll up to the second post in this thread

@Crunchmeister71 can you share a link for touchscreen displays, you use?

They’re Wimaxit 15.6" display. You can find them on Amazon.

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Thank you for the response. How did you manage to have Garmin GTC 580 on Air-Manager? Also the landing gear switch?

Thanks again.

I built the landing gear switch myself. That’s why it’s up there for download from my library of instruments I built up in the second post of this thread.

The GTC 580 was built by someone else. Unfortunately, touch support doesn’t work right in MSFS, so thats there for show only. The knobs and right side buttons on the bezel work, but you can’t use the touch screen functionality.

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Thank you for your work!

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God we need a better way to share panels…

I agree. I’m considering uploading to

I successfully flew tonight without a single CTD. I had to keep deleting files during the last update process to get the update to move along so I’m not sure if I’m going to be missing things but the game ran great.
I’m also recently winding down a large work project and will have more sim time.
We should start a GitHub for our panels and anyone else who wants in. Would probably make life easier.

GitHub isn’t a bad idea at all

My apologies good sir. I led you astray. I said in my last post I had my landing gear handle up in the second post of the thread.

Today I realize that I had forgotten to upload and share it. I’ve fixed that now. It’s now available for download. Sorry for misinforming you.