Air Manager issues with the new 4.1

Loaded the new Air Manager 4.1 (Had 4.0 working Perfectly). Now any transponder inputs go to 0000. Same with the autopilot any input displays 0000 if you load it in msfs and turn a knobster and the autopilot will not change anything with touch, mouse, or Knobster. Tried loading multiple auto pilots and transponders…same results

All working fine here. Do you have the latest plugin? If you say specifically what instruments are not working I can try the exact same ones.

Thanks… I tried for several hours to get everything working…then seeing how you were not having any issues I started from scratch with a fresh install …deleted everything in advance. I loaded it directly from the website and again used the pop up from the open air manager showing a new plug in available…same results. Then I closed everything and then loaded the plug in directly from the website link (search for air manager plug in…use the one for windows)… and all of a sudden everything works! I guess my system was not updating or was blocking the pop up link.

Thanks for your help!

Great glad you finally got it sorted. Enjoy 4.1.