Air Manager should not be the only way

If 3rd party aircraft makers could at least recoup their losses in development time, in making Air Manager panels, for the very low Percentage of their customers that use Air manager, they probably would.

There are some thing in MSFS, that if you really want them, and they do not already exist, maybe learn to develop them yourself.
This is how the majority of addons get started, especially those that are Freeware… Someone taking up the challenge, learning how to do it,and then sharing it with others.

Many of those with Air Manager, are a great example of those that do this, and help themselves and others.

If you want help, to do a new Air manager Panel for a plane that you particularly want an Air Manager panel for, the Air Manger User Group Discord is a great way to meet others that can help you get started.

In many ways, the experience in the “Air Manager” Community, is far better than most Plane Dev’s ability to make “Good” Air Manager compatible Instruments,

Here are some links that may help you get started -

Simstrumentations - Great Bunch of Guys –

  • FLRob27
  • Crunchmeister71
  • Toddimus831
  • CaptainTick433
  • HPuukka
  • BobbiCanada